Ride the Tandem: N8 world tour

| March 25, 2011 | 3 Replies

So what do you do if you’re a Finn, love cycling and a burning desire to travel? What do you do if you have a buddy that feels the same way?  Jontte and Nikke from decided to go on a crazy, continent spanning, tandem ride around the world and just so happen to be recording it all using their Nokia N8’s.

The ride has already started in New Zealand and is scheduled to continue to Australia before taking a jaunt across the pacific to the USA where they’ll be riding cross-country before returning to Europe and riding from Spain to Finland. Pretty awesome huh?


You can follow their blog listed above or check out their sets  over at Flickr or take a gander at one of their best (In my opinion) pictures below



Link to a larger size image here.

In any case, it’s a pretty cool adventure and I’d love to travel like these guys are.

Thanks Nikke & Jontte! 🙂




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  • Andreas

    Wow.. just wow! Now I’m really convinced to get an N8 for my next trip around europe! Why carry around my 200€ point and shot camera when it can’t match the quality of the N8…

  • Zaxxx

    Has anyone heard about Nokia T7-00? It’s leaked over Nokia ovi publisher tool under symbian^3 category. Nokia started new series with letter T. X7,E6 and now T7 but it’s just rumours and rumours…well 1st Nokia windows phone could be a myth now.

  • dofo

    N8 should have an option to automatically include a “shot with an N8” watermark in the bottom corner..

    I would love that on my N8. (again.. optional of course)