Engadget reviewing a Nokia Windows Phone 7 phone? >_>

| March 26, 2011 | 26 Replies

Christopher mailed to inform us of an engadget podcast, where at 17:00 the crew discuss Vlad’s possible ownership of a Nokia Windows Phone. Vlad probably has as much love for Nokia and Microsoft as Steve Jobs. The transcript is below. I’m guessing they’re just joking as:

1) It’s March. It’s much too early for review units. Unless Nok-WP is coming our really soon. Nokia and quick release? aha

2) It’s Vlad. Where do we begin with the disdain for Nokia?

3)I’m sure some sort of NDA prevents talking of its existence. They would randomly send him a Nokia he hadn’t asked for, especially the first Windows Phone that is unannounced. If it was the iPhone 5 I’m sure we’d have 50,000 posts on front page

4) Vlad doesn’t confirm explicitly ownership. Just letting the confusion assume so. If he does have one, then well, WP7 Nokia in a couple of months? Most likely not. Prove me wrong, Nokia.

Vlad: What I have actually is a real massive stack of phones in my house today. And as a matter of fact, I don’t want to tell you as competition (other blogs) might be listening and they might (something) their reviews. …I dont want to hate on anybody…but people who publish first look reviews, honestly, they take a few pictures and call it first look reviews? Come on… (LOL Isn’t that what a frikkin first look is? Your initial impressions. Then the review is after substantial amount of time – preferably)

Anyway, aside from that, I have 6 different phones, i have a bunch of nokias they keep sending me even though I’m not requesting them and they won’t take them back (Oh Nokia, Why do you send them to Vlad? Send your Nokias to Myriam aka tnkgrl – she will review fairly and properly, if you’re stuff is good, you get praise, if not you’re burnt for it. That’s fair.). Er I have a Windos Phone 7 device which I still like. I have 3 Androids….2 of them are active today…(blah blah something android email)

Chriz: Just to recap what you just said to our listeners, you do have a Windows Phone 7 device?

Vlad: *laughs*

Joanna: He’s holding off on that because he doesn’t like people who just publish the first look. Even though he’s sitting on…

Vlad: That’s right, that’s right…I’m giving it a second, third and fifth look…I’ve picked up a nickname apparently in comments which I kinda like, it’s “Vlad the Microsoft Impaler” because apparently I’ve been hating on Microsoft too much. So I kinda want to keep that reputation going for a little while longer. And then I’ll do my Nokia Windows Phone 7 review.

Chris: I like it, I like it.


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