Nokia E6-00 – the most detailed leak ever – Videos and Pics inside!

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The Nokia E6-00, which was leaked a number of times already, has now landed in the hands of a user named Quick99 over at NokioTeca forums, and it has got a nice photo/video treatment from him !

We already knew/figured out it’s specs which include :

  • A VGA capacitive (or resistive ??) touch screen ( Screen size not sure yet between 2.5-2.8 ? )
  • A touch and type form factor
  • Same hardware as the N8 and other Symbian^3 devices( ?? )
  • 8 megapixel EDoF camera ( This is confirmed now ) with 720p video recording
  • Runs a different version of Symbian^3 which is adapted to the 4:3 aspect ratio screen

Other details are yet to be figured out, but hey, this guy is in a forum and we are surely going to get a lot more of the device’s information, probably a review too !  Let’s dig into the images now

This is the backside of the device, you can notice the 8.0 megapixel camera , with dual LED flash and a speaker all housed on a slightly elevated (Like the N8) bump, but why ? I don’t know , people say it’s EDoF, but the jury’s out on that one. The battery is user-removable yay ! ( Weirdly enough i should scream considering N8 and E7’s miserable situation ) More or less the back looks like that of the Nokia C7 but a little wider.

Now the front looks pretty similar to what we have been seeing with the E-series range. E71,72 the E5, all carry the same ergonomics. But if you look at all the softkeys, they seem to be capacitive touch buttons. Take a look at the call/end and other shortcut keys except the D-Pad. All look like capacitive buttons ! The Keypad is pretty standard, like what we would expect in a decent phone. Now, the touchscreen, looks like 2.5-3″ ish IMO, non standard icon layout can be seen but i think this is better than the others, what do you think ?

This is the side view, pretty thin. Layout is very similar to C7’s.

This is the part where i let the readers figure out what’s present, nothing special.

The top shows off the power button, 3.5 mm headphone jack and the micro USB input, below, we had already seen the microphone input. So, no 2 mm charging point like the E7 ? Also, i assume no HDMI ?

This is a direct camera sample ( 8 mp ) from the device , pretty good :

And this is a video sample from the device :

And these blurry videos are from the user himself demoing some PR 2.0ish software that the E6 currently runs.

Thanks to the fabulous @camb078 for the tip ! (Cheers Ben and hhh csc for the reminder tips! Also i would like to give the readers a shout for finding discrepancies in the post, much appreciated guys!)

Source Nokioteca Forums


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