Video: An hour with Nokia CEO, and Q&A with Stephen Elop.

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I’m just heading out at the moment so I thought I’d send you to two Stephen Elop related stories. We’ll update this later perhaps. The content is quite similar to that 23 minute video Elop Q&A…

First is a Q&A with Nokia CEO Elop. Via FinancialPost (after his talk at McMaster University – where Elop attended 25 years ago):

And for the actual hour long video with Elop (cheers mrprince) via WMPoweruser.

It looks to be very interesting. Elop talks about his beginnings at the University, introduction of the disruption that was caused by uni computers being able to talk to each other and how such disruptions occur every time a new medium of communication is introduced.

As previously mentioned when switching to a new medium, there’s a continuum of the old style of content just plugged into the new medium. Radio people just talking on camera on TV. No – you can now convey body language. Elop reiterates disruptions are created when people realise exactly what new things they can do on the new medium they could not do before on the old – making the most of the new medium.

“You see this pattern happening when new platforms are introduced, there’s disruption and a whole new wave of innovation…

So let’s now talk about MOBILITY and what’s happening in the mobile market place.  It is the case that there have been multiple waves of disruption as it relates to mobile telephony.  Nokia has been and will CONTINUE to be one of the companies that drives that disruption – drive those forms of innovation…”

Arrgh I want to watch more but have to leave.


Nokia’s Stephen Elop Presentation at McMaster 2011 from Ravall_blog on Vimeo.


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