Videos: Nokia E7 flashmob in Lebanon (and collection of Nokia Flashmob videos)

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Flashmobs. Spontaneous events (mostly dancing, but not limited to that) occurring in public places, consisting of many participants (your mob). You’ve seen one (or a few), you kinda feel you’ve seen them all. That’s not stopping who ever set this up for the Nokia E7. I guess not EVERYONE has seen a flashmob. I still find people who have not heard of YouTube. :S.

At first, you’re thinking (like that elaborate subway E7 hollywood thing) E7 is for business. What’s with all this entertainment stuff? Well this flashmob shows the E7 can be whatever, and so it can be both. It begins with breakdancers but in the middle are joined by people in business/formal attire.

Then you get more people in somewhat semi casual attire. Lol at the lady at the end filming with a Nokia phone. But with a Nokia shirt. The dance ends when you hear the Nokia start up sound. It feels not so spontaneous as say the infamous T-Mobile ad (Liverpool Street Station, though Trafalgar Square with Pink and Welcome Back were also awesome) as you’ve got security and other staff holding the public pack or telling them to move back :s you’d think they’d cut that out. On the upside, they have mostly shown Nokia phones (in “public” use).

Other Nokia related flashmobs

This one makes me smile. It’s not your usual dance. It’s odd. It makes people think WTF is going on. This is a flashmob. Check out that N73! OVI FTW! From Nokia Italy. It also ends with the Nokia tone. It looks more natural as everyone of every age is there. Not just your tweens and twentysomethings. Though I would understand how body popping and flares gets difficult post middle age.

Over in Thailand: Yikes, flashmob not in the usual mall/open area setting. But on the road. In the middle of traffic. All the dancers here look like they’re properly having fun. It’s titled by Nokia though I don’t see the Nokia in this. Other videos by passers by label theirs “Nokia Flashmob” too. :s

Notre Dame. Also ends with the Nokia tune.

Philippines. For Nokia C3 with Filipino Network – Smart. This flashmob fits the product.

The non dance flashmob. Nokia NavGame

The Nokia Snake FlashMob! ROFL.

Bubbles – Movie Star Nokia

The T-Mobile FlashMobs

What do you think of flashmobs? What’s your favourite? Ever seen one in real life? Have you been a part of one?


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