12-year-old Ovi Store developer: Fahma Waluya Romansyah

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Have you heard of Fahma Waluya Romansyah? At just 12 years old, this little kid is the youngest Ovi Publisher to date, getting much media attention and awards/recognition for his applications: ENRICH, a mobile app for kids to easily translate the Indonesian language into English and learn the vocabulary, and MANTAP, a mathematics game app for kids ages four to seven.

I hope to see Fahma still creating apps distributed through Ovi Store 5 years from now.

Fahma’s success story from Forum Nokia:

Fahma’s sole source of inspiration is his younger sister, Hania, to whom he accredits the success of his apps. She also serves as the beta tester. The driving force behind Fahma’s interest in app development was to educate Hania and to entice her to learn while playing games on their mother’s mobile phone. Fahma says, “My mom’s mobile phone is my sister’s tutor. Similar to my sister, I suspected that other young children in Indonesia and around the world share a similar experience with their mobile devices.”

Fahma was awarded with the 2010 Indonesian ICT Award – in the Elementary School category – for his project titled “My Mom’s Cell Phone for My Sister’s Edugaming.”  Setting the bar high for the mobile developer industry, he has proven that he can compete with developers of all ages around the world.

Fahma, son of Dr.Yusep Romansyah and Yusi Elsiano, was born in Bandung, Indonesia in May of 1998. In the sixth grade, he developed and designed the ENRICH and MANTAP apps on his Nokia E71. He created these apps with the intention of providing children in Indonesia with a fun and engaging manner to learn to speak English and understand basic math.
In the fifth grade, Fahma learned to develop and create apps with Adobe Flash. Using this technology he created his very first app, BAHANA, which enables children to learn the alphabet, numbers and colors. Fahma’s technical capabilites shined through when he was in the fourth grade, where he began making presentations and animations using Microsoft Powerpoint.


As of May of last year, three of Fahma’s mobile apps were available on the market: BAHANA, ENRICH and MANTAP. Since the first day of its release in Ovi Store, within the first 10 days the ENRICH app was downloaded by consumers in more than 75 countries across the world.

While MANTAP is only availabe in Indonesia, Fahma has high hopes to someday develop more apps that are useful for children around the globe. Fahma enjoys spending his free time playing mobile games and creating new apps. He has proudly shared that he can develop an app, using Forum Nokia tools and technology, including Adobe Flash Lite, in less than 12 hours. Fahma has been interviewed by MetroTV for his mobile app creation success.

Parents are very supportive of educational apps designed for their children to use on their mobile phone devices. ENRICH offers innovative and interactive tools that teach Indonesian children the English vocabulary. The visual presentation of the app is astounding coming from a 12-year-old developer. This app even provides children with various categories including Vegetables, Furniture, Fruit, Our Body and Animals.

When selecting one of these categories, the app provides detailed information about the object, i.e. chair. With a click on the Indonesian button, the consumer will hear the word spoken in that language. Similarly, there is an English button that enunciates the word in the English language.

One reviewer wrote, “This application is superb.”

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  • Wow Fantastic.

    • Meegomad

      I learned to make a calculator in visual basic when I was 11, using a book about c++

      my family didn’t appreciate me and I went to do other things
      anyway I hope this kid gets the motivation up go further

      • Ahsan

        Similar Situation with me . But I am going to fight my way through . After doing my Alevel [ June 2011 ] Im geting Admission In Software Engineering 😀

  • i didnt even knew the basic computer skills at the age 19

    today, kids are so lucky!

    an n900 user

  • adit38

    wow…, i am indnoesian, and i am proud of them.

    • blackidea

      sami mawon (mee to)

    • blackidea

      me too (typo)

  • Cod3rror

    That kid’s probably got better skills than 95% of people at Nokia’s Symbian development department.

    Has anybody noticed Nokia’s emphasis on the developing countries lately? In commercials, advertisements, articles… That’s probably their last market, people that are poor, can’t afford a top phone and have no other choice but to buy a Nokia. Nokia has been pushed out of the technologically much more advanced west.

    • “No other choice but to buy a Nokia”? Wow, that’s the stupidest statement I’ve read all day. Hate to burst your bubble, but Nokia phones aren’t as cheap as you think they are. If people are as “poor” as you say they are, they’ll go straight for those cheap knock-off phones that come from Thailand or China, some that even rip off Nokia’s so-called “cheap designs”.

      Regardless of all the bullshit and bureaucracy and questionable business practices going on inside Nokia, there’s something positive to be said here about a huge multinational phone manufacturer writing SDKs that is so solidly documented, a 12-year-old kid can write an educational app that can be used by millions of smartphone users in the Asia Pacific region.

      • Cod3rror

        “If people are as “poor” as you say they are, they’ll go straight for those cheap knock-off phones that come from Thailand or China, some that even rip off Nokia’s so-called “cheap designs”.”

        Lots of people are, Nokia having huge problems with Chinese phones.

        They are getting rimmed both from the top and from the bottom.

  • Janne

    Nokia has had a long-standing dogma of doing good business while doing good. This is one side of their multi-faceted world-view. Working in the developing markets may not be as lucrative as selling aluminium, glass and a singular view of fruits for us overweight westerners, but there is a certain humane, empowering side to it that Nokia is also wise to publicize.

    • Cod3rror

      If Nokia wants to do “good” they should stop releasing billions of version of the same old garbage and stop polluting the world with it.

      I love how people have this “Innocent, kind, do no bad” perception of Nokia, ask N97 owners how do they feel about being lied to.

  • Qmot

    I like his batik.

  • Deaconclgi

    Wow!!!! I am glad to see him and his siter get recognition!!! I downloaded Enrich last year for my N8 and love it. As an Elementary school teacher, I see the value in Enrich and I also appreciate Fahma’s talent and dedication. It is also great to hear of the strong family support system. I am VERY proud of him and the positive things he and his sister (she is the indonesian voiceover in Enrich)have done.

    Great work all around!

    PS I would love to have a the same app in a Spanish translation so I could help students in my area.

  • n-user

    WoW!! this blog (at least this thread) is gonna be an international space where people from different cultures has joined together!, that’s what it should be for Nokia – ‘Connecting People’

    PS. I’m from Thailand. สวัสดีครับ ^^

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