Video: Nokia India Nokia E7 TV ad, “Success is what you make it”.

| April 6, 2011 | 11 Replies

Here’s a TV commercial from Nokia India. Again it’s part of the “Success is what you make it” campaign.


E7=”Success”. And E7/Success is what you make it. Your E7 doesn’t need a desk. You as a successful person, does not need a desk. Success goes big. E7 with HDMI out on the big screen. (That feature is not displayed long enough). Success finds a way. E7 with Nokia Ovi Maps global navigation. You with Ovi Maps.


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  • Cod3rror

    19 phones sold on the first week in the biggest Nokia store in Moswcow… E7=”Success”

    • waloody88

      wat 19 only???

      • Arts.

        eldars fucking bullshit.

        you should be fucking banned. your just a fucking troll.

        • Arts.

          if you like to quote the stuff that come out of his ass so much why dont you install yourself into his toilet so when he wanna shit he can do it in your mouth?

    • Bharadwaj

      1000 E7s sold in three days in just my city alone..

  • stylinred

    that was a good commercial…. its a shame nokia doesnt promote their devices like this in NA

  • John Pallan

    hey guys..anybody seen this picture?

    i dont intend to spam. i just don’t know where to post it thanks…

    • PJ

      Its running MeeGo but has Sym button. And the keyboard looks like it was made in paint and doesnt have multiple funktions on the keys like everything other Nokia phone ever made. Also Nokias MeeGo phone is said to run on a SE SoC, not Tegra 2. If you made this fake then its just sad hos badly made it is.

      • PJ

        Fuck the iPads autocorrect. Every other Nokia phone, not everything other Nokia phone

  • Longdingdong

    I wonder if this will get the “Memory full” error like the N8. That’s the ONLY fear I have. This phone is sexxxy! I love it. I don’t care about APPS. All I want is a good camera phone and loud speakers!!!!! I don’t know if I should get this or wait for the announcements on April 12. I can wait for another week.

    • PJ

      Wait. The camera on the E7 is EDOF and therefor horrible. And the speakers on Nokia phones are all loude so I say for gods sake wait. Its just 5 days till the symbian event.