Qt Quick components for Symbian Technology Preview (new music player peek)

| April 8, 2011 | 50 Replies

The Qt blog is pleased to announce that the first “Qt Quick components for Symbian Technology Preview to speed-up already rapid Qt Quick development!”

http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/04/08/qt-quick-components-for-symbian-technology-preview/ Cheers for the tip, Jim!

Back, shuffle, repeat, menu button/tabs along with music buttons that aren't remeniscent of the ugly s60 5th edition side tabs.

New music player above. Check out the slightly more streamlined appeal with signal/battery/time bar all together in a thin bar. This design style is something to be expected from the new refreshed Symbian UI.

By taking Qt Quick components into use, you will be able to unleash the functionality of a ready-made set of QML-based UI building blocks that are designed with specific native appearance for the target platform. Even though this is the first technology preview, the set of (20+) components is already quite comprehensive; starting from the basic UI elements like Button and Dialog to more advanced page navigation functionality with the integrated PageStack and ToolBar. A full list of available components in this Technology Preview is included in the documentation.

The components that are now available are implemented for Symbian. There are certain mobile platform-specific features in certain components such as StatusBar, as well as in the functionality related to device orientation switch. In these cases, a stub implementation is provided to enable cross-platform development. One essential piece of developer offering is the Qt Quick components – common API definition that ensures easy portability to all supported platforms. Upcoming Qt Quick components for MeeGo will also implement the same common API introduced on Symbian. The progress of the common API is tracked here: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCOMPONENTS-200.

To ensure a richer set of APIs, the ‘platform’ prefix is introduced for properties and functions that are platform-specific. In any case, we recommend using the common API in your application when feasible to ensure a minimal porting effort. In addition, there is always an opportunity to define your own QML based layout and develop your own rockin’ QML only UI components with custom look and feel to match your application and use case. And thanks to the simplicity of Qt Quick, you can easily combine your own components together in the same application layouts with your choice of Qt Quick components.

Please note that this is the first Technology Preview release, and is not intended for production applications yet – it is provided for evaluation and feedback purposes. Due to this, applications developed using the Technology Preview version of Qt Quick components are not accepted to Ovi Store at this point.

Please visit the Qt Blog for installation instructions:



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  1. h3csc says:

    Oh dammit! The UI is so beautiful yet practical! The left music bar right music control design is clever! I hope that they will improve s60v5 too.

  2. umar says:

    looks pretty slick ! I hope this new ui is bug free

  3. Ronald says:

    Finally something tangible!

  4. nocare says:

    ui is improved, but the graphics need more work, background color need to change to non-black color!

  5. suy says:

    Where is the video??

  6. aikon171 says:

    background not beautiful

  7. Sh0cK says:

    Excuse me, Can we install this music player to our phone now ?

  8. nocare says:

    can we confirm that new symbian ui will have thin status bar?

    no more windows like menu list? replaced by toolbar and a menu-list shortcut?

    • Sh0cK says:

      God knows, Because nokia always says lies ;)

    • dsmobile says:

      Status bar is real and actually whole thing is real. But I Would not count on that color theme to be default theme.

      • Rant says:

        Guess we’ll see more on the 12th then?

        I like it anyway, shows a break with what Symbian used to be and that’s a good thing. Hopefully it’ll all come with the summer release. Giving the feel of a new phone without buying one.

  9. Zaxxx says:

    Awesome,as always QT is great. :-)

  10. jill says:

    Where is the video ?

  11. Duncan says:

    Wish they had fleshed out the music player more. It is slow and is more like a playlist player in that your have to pick a playlist every time you open it, no albums or artists just endless list of tracks.

  12. DanT says:

    I’ve installed the music player … pretty cool for a 114 kb file but still too basic … we need a player where we can add files from a specific folder, like Winamp does. But it’s moving quite well through the track list.

    • Duncan says:

      I had to uninstall Qt quick and Qt components. The wallpaper on Nokia Bubbles stopped working and it froze the phone.

  13. mussiexxx says:

    i have just installed all qt apps and all work fine on n8

  14. XtiaN8 says:

    Bring it on Qt!

  15. zaxxx says:

    has anyone try minibrowser?(not opera mini) it is qt based apps and it’s quite good,kinda slow and full of bug,well the apps is still under development..but worth to try i think. actually i browse this site using it right now.

  16. Razor says:

    My point is nokia should have done this long time ago. But since nokia said they will release PR 2.0+3.0 UI firmware upgrade in this summer i really hope they deliver instead of delaying again and again. And the qt web browser should be good with desktop browsing experience with no lag or hang. They have got enough time so they cannot make lame mistakes. Also no excuses nokia, don’t screw this up or people will be very angry at you including me also……

  17. Mapantz says:

    Again, i have tried the music player and i uninstalled it. It’s slow, and laggy and if i set the shuffle function and click the forward button to find a random track, it closed the app down. Current music player is far superior to this one.

  18. stylinred says:

    I would prefer if they re-thought the song/album menu
    especially during portrait mode

    it would be ideal if, while in portrait mode, that the music player automatically loads the Portrait Coverflow

    (you know the menu where the album coverflow takes up the top portion of the screen with the song list taking up the bottom half)

    That menu looks much classier and nicer than the simple Album List menu that automatically loads in Portrait

    I would also like the option to simply show the Album cover while playing a song like that which was available in older phone models

  19. tlink says:

    This is not official music player. It’s a demo what can be done with QtQuick/QML.

  20. Andreas says:

    + Extremely smooth
    + The use of components makes the software look unified
    + Status bar

    - Takes forver (5sec+) to launch the apps
    - The components looks really unpolished. Make them more crisp!
    - ALl these dark components look crappy on my purple-tint N8.. (bright theme as an alternative until Nokia fixes my device, please?)

  21. sujan says:

    i want live themes mannn!!!!!! like android

  22. n-user says:

    A few things that I want them to add to the NEW Music Player is…

    1. When listening to a certain song if you like it you can tap LIKE! then the song will be added to LIKED playlist. :)

    2. When listening to a certain song if you like it you can tap the album title to jump to all songs in that album. ^^

    3. You can change/shuffle songs by pressing the answer call button on your handset – THIS IS A MUST-HAVE FOR ME! but other means is fine; shaking phones, press camera button etc. ;)

  23. Cool stuff says:

    I think the Flickr and Music player are just examples showing usage of Qt Quick components, not real applications. But not bad for examples :)

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