Rumours: Nokia’s Windows Phone device, Nokia W7 and W8 (and bump up of Windows Phone minimum Specs-not rumours)

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N8's awesome camera, Ovi Maps for Navigation, ie9 browsing, Mango multitasking, Ovi Store front for Market place? Yes please! Not sure N8's successor will have Windows on it. Might actually be Symbian. According to rumours anyway.

Today seems to be a day mostly of Windows Phone news, but most of that has a lot to do with the Microsoft event this week. Surfing through the other Nokia channels, there’s not much in the way of other news.

Anyway, as engadget puts it, the eternal Nokia Antagonist, Eldar Murtazin apparently has a scoop on upcoming Nokia handsets powered by Windows Phone. Man, I told you he was in that spyboat at Nokia HQ. We’ve given it some time to pass and his tweet has already spread far and wide:

  • w7, supposedly like the Nokia X7
  • W8, supposedly like the Nokia N8
  • Dozen windows phones planned for 2012
  • Thomas Ricker is right. Nokia Hardware with some Mango is kinda yummy for many. Not all but it will be a pleasing experience.
  • Apparently, Nokia looking to make the most powerful windows phone at announcement (well, not too hard. All current Windows Phones are ‘beaten’ by the likes of the Moto Atrix – the 2011 standard in Smartphones)

So, not exactly an unexpected name. Wseries for Nokia’s Windows Phone. I think this was already joked about before Nokia even mentioned Windows Phone.

In his blog, Eldar mentions they’re running Qualcomm chipsets (As well as other usual Eldar-to-Nokia remarks – e.g. by the time Nokia gets dualcore, Android handsets will have quadcore. I’m paraphrasing. Google translate says 4 nuclear CPU :S)

When? Nokia have mentioned they’re trying to get these out by 2011. I’m cautiously optimistic they’ll make it.

Cheers Alan, HaugMedia and Rant for the tip!

WP minimum specs

I might as well add this here but Over at Engadget again, they’ve found out the new minimum specs (cheers Yemi)

Either Qualcomm’s second generation snapdragon MSM8x55 with Adreno 205 GPU (seen in HTC Thunderbolt or Xperia Play) or MSM7x30 (Also with Adreno 205),  just 256mb RAM.  Gyro has become a minimum spec as seems to be the windows button. Why not just a home button?

How will Nokia push Windows Phone down the price range as it takes the place of Symbian? Will it just be first gen minimum specs (with parts getting cheaper) or entirely new range of Windows Phone Basic?

Fingers crossed Nokia doesn’t just stick with minimum specs.



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