Video: 20 minute presentation of Windows Phone 7 Mango update from Microsoft

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To give you guys an idea of some of the “new” features coming to Windows Phone 7 (:p) Mango Update, here’s a demo video from the presentation. Adnan who sends this tip (he sends in a lot of tips about all things Nokia, so not just a Windows fan) says

“All the new WP7 updates in VIDEO demonstration. And it doesnt require silverlight :p absolute awesomeness. Im sold. Great features with with such elegant implementation. WP is the next big player in smarthpone market. all hail Elop. Now just hurry up and release your first device by the end of this year

And for the obligatory engadget user quotes:

  • This shit just got serious. – Andy
  • Now THIS is what I’m talking about. Now that the API’s have been unleashed, it’s only going to get better from here. The app/OS integration is pure awesomeness. – TheUltimateTroll
  • Winphone 7 has only smoothness above android. With Launcher 7 android is on Par on a Galaxy S. Android is the worlds best OS for a reason and preffered by most people. – Glenn Thomas Jacobsen (What’s with the Justin Bieber avatar >_<)
  • Those cheeky basterddss …i was just going to watch a few mins and boom they B*** slap with some crazy innovated criteria.. man that is how you sell your OS .. good show! – Ranger_ces
  • excellent ideas and video, now to just get it passed the nodo update nonsense and give it to the consumer – Brandon Keenan

Summary of what was demoed in video.

  • Apps now separated into letters (tap a letter and you get a set of letters to tap which will bring you to apps beginning with that letter)
  • Search for apps (helps a great deal if you have a long list). Why not use the search button? It makes much more sense. I hardly use bing anyway. Not helped by T-Mobile who turned the bing button into a google button in web browser.
  • Alternatively if your phone can’t find it, you can go directly to market place.
  • More meta data shown with marketplace apps
  • Apps kept separate from other content (as it should be -__-) side swipe, metro style, for other content
  • Market place organization of app data improved. Instead of a single long scroll for information, reviews, screenshots, you can side swipe to bring up each type of information separately, making it easier to navigate.
  • Finally, one time install for FREE apps. No more, click, click, click, click, click, click (ok that’s exaggerating)
  • Something NEW MS/Joe Belfiore is excited to show: Place for third party apps to appear in hubs. e.g. music and videos hub now incorporates apps like youtube/lastFM so if you just want music/videos go to this hub.
  • That’s not what’s new, what’s new is the same basic idea: In addition to restaurant cards you now have movie cards. Search for a movie, you get a pivot (side swipe) for extras, that include your related apps, e.g. IMDB.  I prefer using the POYNT app to search near movies. I get trailers/reviews etc too. I can’t really enjoy BING too much as T-Mobile have butchered it into a google search button. Ooh, I must try out that IMDB app though.
  • I.E. 9 Demo. Address bar at bottom. Background audio for HTML5 audio.
  • Landscape bar at bottom. Finally :p. I get annoyed having to turn back to portrait. There should be a way to make both bars disappear to get full screen view though :S. Try SurfCube though, it’s excellent, 3D gesture/accelerometer browser. It’s very different.
  • HTML5 browser comparison with Friends: iPhone 4 and Nexus S, wp7 ie9. HTML5 speed read demo. iPhone gets a head start :p. Windows Phone frame rate…24. iPhone 2. Yeah 2. Nexus S 11. Windows Phone finishes first.
  • Windows Phone custom ringtones. (what’s engadget cutting from these vids?). Download custom ringtones. What about your own tracks? Ha what on earth happens to the camera here.
  • Augmented reality tweets? Engadget cut something from the video again. Was that Layar?
  • Spotify app demo. Music continues to play and PLAYS WITH DEFAULT VOLUME CONTROLS.
  • Angry Birds Demo (coming May 25th). I think N8 will be my Angry Birds phone I have bought this already for Maemo and N8.
  • More live tiles. Hmm. Pin multiple tiles from the same app to show different things within that app (kinda like bookmarks but live). Deep links into the app. Connected with Alarm.
  • Jump right into directions. MEH I want Ovi Maps.
  • Scroll and stop improved. I love WP fast scroll, I’ve not noticed what they demo there. Mine scrolls and stops. This bit might be for developers. Showing just how much more responsive WP becomes with Mango.
  • In the load speed test showing Mango is faster, is this against NoDo (which is already significantly faster, at least compared to HTC SD card memory phones)?
  • 30% less memory used by apps.
  • Using raw camera API. I hate how camera apps on Windows Phone bring up the camera UI and not their own to take a photo of. That means opening up the camera app then take a photo then accept then back to the camera app. Urgh. It’s so ridiculous when that camera app is a barcode reader (with no autofocus – the barcode reader has never worked for me)

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