Nokia and Microsoft WP7 deal signed, one step closer to WP7 powered device

| April 21, 2011 | 44 Replies

Nokia’s official blog have just announced that Nokia and Microsoft have signed a deal that will kick start the “global alliance” that was announced on the 11th of February, they have also said that the deal is ahead of schedule so the chances of seeing a WP7 device at the end of the year is a possibility.


ESPOO, Finland & REDMOND, USA – After 10 weeks of intense collaboration, we are pleased to report that Nokia and Microsoft have signed the definitive agreement for our strategic partnership to build a new global mobile ecosystem that is unlike any other. It’s a bold claim. But collectively we’ve moved from intent to agreement in such a short period. Actually, it’s even faster than we expected which makes this a perfect example of our commitment to our partnership and the speed at which we plan to move together.

They have reiterated that they are pushing a Windows Phone for this year (which is badbly needed with todays earnings announcements)


You will see unique innovation and differentiation across hardware, software and services as the Nokia products using Windows Phone roll-out, delivering consumer experiences in mapping, search, gaming, social media, advertising and productivity. Along the way, you can expect an increased focus on mobile business and productivity scenarios that build on Microsoft’s cloud services, new features for Symbian, and new capabilities for Windows Phone devices.

Apparently we will see some differentiation unique for Nokia’s devices ( I honestly not too much to delay future updates)


Our teams are working together toward a common goal with you, the consumer, at the heart of our experience. With set processes and dedicated teams across both companies, we have created and mapped out ways to collaborate. In order to innovate as partners, we know we have to go beyond the usual pairing of phone hardware with software. That’s why we are purposely creating a truly unique and deeply integrated partnership and are on a fast track to deliver.

I have got to admit I am a bit uncomfortable about the language they are using here it seems like Nokia and Microsoft are too close to comfort.

Tell us what you think in the comments are you still angry about the deal or are you coming to terms with the reality.

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