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We received an email yesterday from a Nikolay Cholakov, the developer for a game called “Alchemy”. This game is on Android, PC and Bada, and has now been ported to Symbian^3 using Qt. It’s had around 1m downloads on Android and Bada, and has also won the Intel AppUp People’s Choice award in developer contest.

Alchemy Classic is a simple and absorbing brain teaser game. The aim of the game is to obtain new elements from already discovered elements. At the beginning of the game 4 basic elements are available: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Combinations of elements present a logical development chain. The aim of the game is to pass along the path of evolution from bacteria to mammals by discovering new elements and to obtain new technologies and tools.

Video demoed on Android below.

Dear Jay,

My name is Nikolay Cholakov and I am a developer
of Alchemy
Classic game
. At the moment
ports of the game were released for several platforms: Android,
PC and Bada
and all these ports are very
popular. The total number of installations reaches one million.
I would like to propose you to write a review
of our app on the occasion of creation a Symbian^3
of the game and share in
your blog.

Press release:

Unconventional and challenging game that
is very popular (about 1 000 000 total installations for Android and
Bada) and has a high rating (4.62) is now available for a huge number of
Nokia users (using Symbian^3 operating system). It should be mentioned
that netbook port of the game has won Intel
AppUp People Choice Award in developers’ contest.

The concept of the game is incredibly simple.
One should combine different elements thus obtaining new ones. For
example, using tools the user can get yarn from lint. This simplicity is
the very key to the absorbing and enthralling gameplay. This is because
you have to think about possible interactions
of the elements instead of throwing all of them in one heap, since many
game processes directly resemble the processes of the real world.
Combining elements you can reach paper plant and nuclear power plant
from the simplest elements such as wood and metals.

In the very beginning of the game you have
only four initial elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. At every
instant user can learn which new element s/he can discover at the next
stage of development. Thus you have to use your logical thinking to
select elements that are necessary to discover a new
one, since the number of elements increases with every stage.

The game has very pleasant interface. The
graphic design is bright and is done in the right way to be restful to
the eyes and allow user to concentrate on discovering new elements
without getting distracted by excessive details.

During the game the user will have to come
across completely different aspects of our interesting world. These can
be plants, animals, chemical reactions, technical elements, all sorts
of tools and even textile factory. The great advantage of the game is
the self-education feature. Exploring the world
of Alchemy one can learn how gunpowder of cellulose are manufactured and many other interesting things.

So if you have a craving for perception
and you want to find out how the world around you is made, this game is
for you. Investigate the interaction of the surrounding things between
each other and become a real alchemist with Alchemy Classic game.
The game is absolutely free and contains
no advertising.

ovi store:
video link:

Before you need to install Qt libs(if
not already installed):

If you have any questions, feel free to
contact us at

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear
from you soon!

Yours sincerely,
Nikolai Cholakov



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