Video: The secrets of the Magical Ovi Maps 3D explained (future mission: everybody to see their house in 3D)

| April 22, 2011 | 9 Replies

To say we were impressed with Ovi Maps 3D in an understatement. The media are praising it too. One thing in everyone’s minds.


I assumed photos and mesh (created with laser scanners?)Being photo realistic, they were essentially photos put onto very accurate 3D meshes (hence photos of cars on the road and not plain).

Video below with Luca and Ludvig, explaining the actual secrets to Nokia’s magic maps.

  • Fly with plane
  • Take high resolution images, 1 per second
  • 100 images per object, e.g. house
  • Those images are used to reconstruct 3D mesh
  • Textured 3D mesh using appropriate mesh
  • Highly automated tech for creating huge amount of maps
  • Creating not only city centre but also suberbs.
  • Interesting feature – not only exploring down town of city, but full metropolitan area.
  • Explore the whole region
  • Many details available (e.g. Trees. Frikkin Trees!)
  • Holistic experience  – able to see how the reality is
  • Also offering high res panoramic images down on street (street view)
  • Highly automated process – images
  • Algorithm produces 3D mesh that’s fully textured.
  • Have a mission – everybody should be able to see their house. I shall do this now *walks out door*

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  • Finnish N8 owner

    Ovi Maps 3D is AMAZING! I hope they’ll make it available on Symbian!

    One complaint though, I looked around Helsinki and noticed that the columns on the front of Eduskunta (the Finnish parliament) are twisted (when they obviously should be straight). But that’s just nitpicking 😛

    • Jay Montano

      yup, I’ve noticed distortion too and in streetview where panorama doesn’t stitch properly.

      It’s still beta and I hope they take on crowdsourcing at least to notify them of areas that need repatching.

    • Having it on Symbian? Not on current phones definately.. Still mut gut tells me that by the time this level of rendering is achievable on a mobile phone, Symbian would have been already been phased out by Nokia thus only avaliable for their windows phone product. And Meego

  • saving grace

    google earth is already available in ios

    google may improve their google earth after ovimap3D

  • Poop

    Damn amazing I guess I’m beginning to understand where all that R&D money went

  • rebel_ng

    if not for lack of common sense, why would nokia give the job of introducing a new service to us in English to someone who clearly struggles with the language? does Elop get a kick out of ideas being lost in traslation or what?

  • jorge

    To bad it will become Bing Maps 3D since Nokia ia killing Ovi with NokMsft deal

  • guest

    I think the plugin implementation is really bad. Does it really work smoothly on your computers? I have pretty decent hardware but it halts my computer and is very unresponsive. Very typical Nokia software.

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