Nokia’s Windows Phone Coming Q4 (Oct-Dec) 2011. Accenture staff to be retrained for Windows Phone after Symbian is phased out

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Feb 11 annoucement bears fruit: Symbian Fan's Nightmare Before Christmas. Who's playing Jack?


I received an email from Timo Kämäräinen (from YLE Uutiset, cool). There’s an interview with Stephen Elop that took place this evening:

There’s the usual Nokia-Feb-11 stuff on why not going Android, yadada.

1) The (3000) people who have moved from Nokia Symbian to Accenture, will come back to be retrained to support Windows Phone

When asked whether the folks who moved to Symbian will lose their job when Symbian is phased out, Elop replies


“No indeed, the prospects are very good, because they will first help with Symbian and then go through an extensive retraining programme so they can support Windows Phone as well as other mobile activities around the world.”

When Symbian is phased out. Hmm…seems to sound like a definite goodbye there rather than “letting it run as long as it’s significantly profitable”.

2) When asked about Nokia Windows Phones, it seems even clearer that we’re gonna get one THIS YEAR. Not 2012. And it’ll be here in Q4.That’s any time between October and December. And once announced, it will be available to buy very close to announcement date; an action so difficult for Nokia to do. If it weren’t for this move, it may be likely that we could have announcements RIGHT NOW for the handset, like we did for the Nokia N8 that subsequently did not appear till about October in shops.

“The year 2012 is when we’ll see a portfolio of [Windows Phone] products shipping in volume. The pressure is on all of us, myself included, to have those first devices this year but we haven’t announced a specific date yet.

Our pattern now is to announce launch dates of products very close to availability. In the past, there have been longer lead times and that hasn’t always worked out. It is possible [that we’ll] see the first new phone in the last quarter of this year”



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  • John

    Classic picture there Jay 🙂 Classic LOL

    I think we will see a Windows Phone at Nokia world possible I mean what else have they got show there anyway ?

    • Ninja

      WHY do you all think (comments below) that this retraining of Symbian developers is happening any time soon? I see nothing at all to undermine all the great new exciting stuff coming for Symbian as announced multiple times from multiple people, further handset releases, PR 2.0 and 3.0, Ghz processors etc.

      All Elop’s saying is eventually, down the line, when Symbian’s run it’s course in several years, then developers will be retrained. Seems fair enough to me. He was just honestly answering a question that was posed to him about those developer’s future.

      As usual, many of you are taking these words out of context.

      I’ll say again, Symbian is not dead, and definitely has a great if not hugely long future ahead of it.

      Also, let’s have some sanity here on the whole WinPho thing. While a few sad fanboys will desperately buy the next new thing as soon as it comes out, the hundreds of millions, even billions, of ordinary consumers out there will ONLY buy a ?Nokia Windows Phone device if it is better in some way than everything else available – including existing Symbian devices, Androids, iPhones etc. No sane person would spend good money on a device that is inferior to other things on the market.

      THAT is why WinPho is currently so unlikely to succeed (and has such incredibly low sales prob roughly 2 million total so far which is appalling!) – it’s because WinPho is EXTREMELY uncompetitive and weak, whether or not it has a slick UI a few people like. Microsoft have an Everest-sized mountain to climb to make WinPho worth buying and I for one don’t think they have it in them, when they are taking months longer than they themselves thought, just to deliver copy and paste!

      I can see no reason not to stick with my N8 for at least another 5 or probably more years. Nothing will be better. Really.

      • Rant

        From quit a few of the normobs I asked why they had a Nokia (or recently bought one) nearly all of them did it because of either brand loyalty. Low failure rate, very very good call quality.

        If asked about the features; most that had S60 and beyond devices said they wanted it because of OVI maps which is truly magnificent of course.
        I did’nt ask particulary about multitasking/filemanagment etc. because they didn’t use it.
        General use case consisted of calling and texting and the occasional web browsing (about 200mb a month at most)

        While most of us here hate it, the T9 keyboard was actually loved by a few because of familiarity. But they did see the potential of a keyboard like an iPhone (4 was at hand)

        So if this small group of about 15 to 20 people represent anything of the 200 million user base then the majority is probably fine with the feature set (albeit very small right now) WP will offer.
        If the UI is to their liking remains to be seen.

        Either way, most prominent reason to buy Nokia?
        – OVI Maps
        – Good build quality
        – Very good call quality
        – Signal quality
        – To some extent battery life, that will be missed with WP probably
        – Brand name

        To me it doesn’t seem like Symbian is the USP for Nokia rather Nokia is the USP for Nokia.
        However, I will say that this by no means implies that WP will succeed. It merely says that Symbian isn’t the big pull for most of Nokia’s customers.

        (Sidenote: Very small group of people asked that by no means is a true research case. Just a mere indicator that not all of Nokia/Symbian users/buyers go for Symbian but more for Nokia.)

        • Ninja

          Well that’s all fine, I agree with that on the whole, it doesn’t seem to be disagreeing with anything I’m saying merely making different points. Fair enough 🙂

          In a nutshell, all I’m saying is, Symbian is FAR from dead yet and for some time to come, and secondly Nokia’s WinPho handsets need to be much better than WinPho is now, and better than the competition.

          • Rant

            I’m not really saying what you do.

            Most posts you make are about superiority of Symbian etc. Symbian is the reason why people buy Nokia.
            WP will do bad for Nokia because it doesn’t have the features Symbian has. I’ll leave UI out of it for now.

            But you do agree with what I wrote. So in a way you do agree that Symbian’s feature richness has little to do with the majority of sales for Nokia.

            So why would WP fail if the majority of people won’t mind the fewer features it has?

            For me personally WP is currently missing a few key features. One of them being Nokia hardware.

            The whole point is that most people don’t mind what OS Nokia uses. As long as the quality of calling etc. remains the same.

        • colem26

          Exactly right. I am one of these “normobs” and in the case of Nokia I’m brand loyal not OS loyal.

        • Emmanuel

          Thinking to these two points :
          – Very good call quality
          – Signal quality

          Everybody must keep in mind that mobile are digital and then call quality and signal quality (more precisely radio protocols) are managed by software and this could make a big difference…

          • gordonH

            good point.

  • Poop

    Love the picture, although I’m still a bit pissed off because this means if they ever will make it, PR3 will take forever. 🙁

  • It’s the death of Nokia … the only save right now is if Stephen Elop gets fired really soon .. otherwise Nokias legacy is over.. yet another company killed by Microsoft. And yet another company killed by Stephen Elop as well

    Anyone remember Macromedia?

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      Have u used WP7? It’s a great modern OS. Nokia is about to become competitive again. I’m very optimistic and u should be too.

    • Marc Aurel

      Yeah, I remember Macromedia. It was a tiny software company compared to Nokia, so drawing any parallels to Nokia while possibly entertaining, is still completely misguided.

    • Rant

      Yeah, I remember Macromedia. Use one of their programs every day still. Classicly good stuff they made.
      But I also remember a company by the name of Adobe that wanted their inferior programs (at the time) to be sold better than Macromedia stuff so they just bought them.

  • deep space bar

    this man is really working under M$

  • Longdingdong

    So this means no more Nokia N8-01? 🙁

    • MontyN95

      Haha there was never such a thing as Nokia N8-01! It was just a blogger’s wet dream kinda like the infamous N9

      • 00

        The N8-01 wasn’t a blogger’s idea. It was seen listed in Nokia’s Ovi publishing tool with qHD resolution..

        • Keizka

          And who says one can’t fake those pics too..?

  • Patata

    “[…]so they can support Windows Phone as well as other mobile activities around the world.”

    Sure, thats why they are being outsourced to Accenture.
    It doesn’t mean that Nokia will have anything to do with them anymore, that’s why he said “as well as other mobile activities around the world”. He means they will continue to work for Accenture and might work for them on Windows Phone or any other mobile projects that company has or will have.

  • The release track record picture is summed up well by Elop:
    Interviewer: Nokia has a sad history of delays. How will you make sure there won’t be delays this time?
    SE: By not announcing it too early.

    So basically, you’re spot on.

    • outdated os

      lol, I thought that SE on your post was Sony Ericsson.

    • Marc Aurel

      Whether to announce products early or close to real availability is just a part of the PR and marketing game. Both approaches have certain advantages, but no large company announces a product early without knowing that there might be some delays. For example I am quite certain that Nokia knew that the N8 would not be ready in Q2 2010 when they announced it. There may have been some additional non-anticipated delay towards the end, but it certainly was not 6 months but rather something like 2-3 months at the most.

      So, in reality, nearly every product that is delivered soon after the announcement has a “hidden delay” before the announcement…

  • Cod3rror

    Don’t you guys find it ironic and funny how Elop says he will make times between device announcements and releases to be much shorter, yet goes ahead and announces WP7 devices like a whole year ahead of their release and in turn sinks Symbian sales?

    That’s hilarious!

    • Eddy

      what WP7 devices did he announce?

      • gordonH

        Elop is killing QT, Meamo and Symbian so that WP7 becomes the only choice for Nokia.
        No chance for European OS in Elop’s plans.

    • Emmanuel

      Good point !!

  • stylinred

    it’s interesting how they say Symbian will be supported into 2014 and maybe longer if sales are proven but yet they’re already dismantling and retraining the workforce

    • Marc Aurel

      Basic “life support” (i.e. bug fixes) requires only a fraction of the staff needed for new device development and feature updates to software. So a minimal Symbian staff, probably less than 100 people, should be able to support Symbian^3 devices launched in 2012 into 2014. There will be no major updates to Symbian after 2011, so only bug fixes are needed.

      Support for S60 v3.2 and Symbian^1 devices will probably be terminated earlier. Nokia usually supports consumer devices for about a year after launch, so low end Symbian^1 devices like the C5-03 will probably receive support only until Q1 2012. E series devices receive support for a longer time (about two years typically), but the E5-00 was launched in summer 2010, which would put the end of S60 v3.2 support to summer 2012 or thereabouts. At this point I find it unlikely that Nokia will launch additional S60 v3.2 or Symbian^1 devices, so they can pretty much forget about those after 2012.

  • vlgr

    ^ ya, u see.. symbian was always a problem for the US software companies. It had to go.. now it is, and they can rule the whole industry 🙂 I don’t get how the E.U doesn’t see this, or maybe they do but there is nothing they can really do about it. Elop, deserves an Oscar for this performance, and maybe even some recognition from the US government as well. He killed the only alternative to US made mobile software, and saved Microsoft from becoming irrelevant in the mobile segment in one shot. F@cking amazing

  • Gaz
    • dietyyli

      “The Nokia MeeGo device is going to be released but for obvious reasons that
      should be apparent to everyone, I won’t be telling you when. I’ve been using
      it in the office for some time now, though…”

      interesting 🙂

  • Subashish Bhattacharjee

    See the Americans go at it.
    See them turn Nokia into a circus.
    See Symbian, Qt, Maemo/MeeGo go where the dinosaurs have.
    See affordable yet reliable Nokia phones as a chapter on kids’ history books.
    btw, nice pic (read : wonderful).

  • Rant

    If all the people here that say Nokia is doomed, fire Elop or whatever not get together and take action or something?

    It’s a bit to easy to just whine and comment here. Start writing up good pieces that contradict whatever policy Elop has made and prove to him (not readers here) that he is wrong. Develop a website dedicated to it or something take a stand in front of Nokia HQ.

    • Eddy

      lol i don’t think these haters would have the balls to do that considering that “Nokia Plan B” was a failure.

      • yasu

        Isn’t that a contradiction?

    • yasu


      Maybe you should follow your own advice and do something more constructive like move to a more WP friendly site less infested by disgruntled Symbian users instead of whining about the whiners.

      • Rant

        Already on there, LOVING it!!

        All hail Elop and Ballmer right there. Paradise on the net!

        On a more serious not, Nokia blog. Not Symbian blog it’s called here. You don’t see me whining @AAS. That’s Symbian central for ya. (Good site though, nothing wrong there)

        But Nokia is going WP and phasing out Symbian. Guess I’m right here in my place.

        Besides, I’m not saying that people should go away from here. I say they should take action rather than being keyboard hero’s calling Elop a spy/trojan/Ballmer butt buddy.

        Comment all you want here as a Symbian lover. But instead of endless whining about Symbian is the best and Nokia did wrong and FLOP/€lop is a spy it’s better to take action.

        • yasu

          “Already on there, LOVING it!!

          All hail Elop and Ballmer right there. Paradise on the net!

          On a more serious not, Nokia blog. Not Symbian blog it’s called here.”
          Who said that it was Symbian blog here?

          “You don’t see me whining @AAS. That’s Symbian central for ya. (Good site though, nothing wrong there)”
          Nokia users are in good part Symbian user’s, so they are at their place here. I can’t talk for the others, but you won’t catch me on WP, iOS or Android sites.

          “But Nokia is going WP and phasing out Symbian.”
          So you can understand that some can voice their displeasure on a Nokia blog at their platform of choice being killed.

          “Guess I’m right here in my place.”
          Somebody said anything different? You seemed inconvenienced by the whining (great use of shaming language BTW), so I gave back the advice to you, take action.

          “Besides, I’m not saying that people should go away from here. I say they should take action rather than being keyboard hero’s calling Elop a spy/trojan/Ballmer butt buddy.

          Comment all you want here as a Symbian lover. But instead of endless whining about Symbian is the best and Nokia did wrong and FLOP/€lop is a spy it’s better to take action.”
          What do you think that they could do, seriously? More eloquent and knowledgeable have written pieces, didn’t stop him. The ho-hum sales of WP7 don’t stop Elop. The $10 billion! drop of market cap at the announcement didn’t make him reconsider. The fact that Nokia’s credit rating and debt rating dropped didn’t faze him. What do you think that we can do?

          People are frustrated and have the right to express their frustration. If Jay or Andre feel that we are unwelcome, they just have to say so, I’ll move elsewhere, as I’ll probably do from Nokia when their transformation is complete.

          • Rant

            True, you can say whatever you want. But the things that are getting old are: Elop is a Trojan, M$, Microsoft sucks, Windows Desktop OS sucks and so does WP.

            Catch my drift? Comments like that are just frustrations and not constructive by any means.
            As I said in my first post, if someone writes a nice post about things that completly contradict Elop’s policy. That’s nice.

            This comment section is for discussion right. Elop is a Trojan is not exactly discussing. But I guess that’s 12 year olds commenting.

            • yasu

              As the grownup that you are, can’t you just tune them out? Or contradict them with arguments?

            • Bosh

              I own a N8 and I can surely say that Symbian is years behind iOS and Android. It’s the most laggy cell phone I’ve ever had in my life (and it’s my 8th phone). I love the N8’s hardware but Symbian is the weakest part of the phone.

              Everyone I know that owns a Nokia is waiting for the Nokia WP7, I will definitely buy it when it comes out.

              I agree that WP7 is not on a par with iOS or Android, but it’s on the way to, and it’s development rate is like 1000% faster than Symbian’s.

              So in conclusion:

              WP7 –> I’m waiting for it and its great integration with the best OS to this date(W7)

              Symbian –> Keep whining, upgrade your Linux’s Kernel and prepare to be amazed with Nokia’s new phone 😉

              • yasu


                I respect your opinion but I disagree. Symbian is not for everyone, but neither is iOS, Android or WP7.

                It all depends of one wants and requirements. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

                Of course that a concept that many seem to grapple with.

                From my perspective and wants, the order is Symbian, Android, iOS and WP7. Your mileage will surely vary.

                I have no problems with people thinking differently.

                What has Symbian to do with a Linux kernel? And what’s with the obsession with whining from some of the WP7 supporters?