BlackBerry to use Nokia’s NAVTEQ Powered Bing Maps – ‘Ovi Maps’ on BlackBerry?

| May 3, 2011 | 8 Replies

Engadget reports that Microsoft have announced a partnership with RIM to integrate BING at the OS Level. Default search and Maps provider. Since NAVTEQ already powers BING and Ovi Maps assets will be integrated into Bing Maps (somehow as part of Nokia’s Partnership with MS) then in a round about way, there’s some form of Ovi Maps going on BlackBerry. Way to circumvent El Google.


Ha, how soon before MS announces another partnership with RIM to bring Windows Phone on BlackBerry (despite their recently announced new BB v7) -_-.

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of BING search. Bing Maps is OK, really good for POI which would be nice if integrated with Nokia’s Ovi Maps for Navigation. Although NAVTEQ/Ovi is a unique Nokia asset, uUltimately, it’s in Nokia’s best interest to get their mapping services to be on more devices.

Via Engadget

Cheers for the tip Chris!


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  • kannuchi

    Way to go! For the uprising Windows Phone ecosystem! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Chris_Skylock

    no way im allowing this. thanks a lot microsoft. you ruined nokia for sure

    • Pdexter

      If you are talking about this map thing it’s in Nokia’s interest to license Navteq to as many as possible. Just like google has with it’s Google maps.

      Navteq maps was 8 billion buy and was made available for Nokia. Navteq maps are found from hundreds of non Nokia devices and will be found in the future as well.

  • stylinred

    Hmm….. win/loss shrinks a Nokia handset appeal down but does give them some licensing revenue… hmm

  • Zaxxx

    Wow thanks to Elop! ๐Ÿ™

  • aziz

    i wish the next step BBM in Symbian phones

  • Rich

    it only shows the relevance of the ecosystem concepts, which is based more on services like email, file sharing, social networking, maps and location awareness, search, and to some extent IM-VOIP integration, and to a lesser degree apps and finally hardware! as the article says, its about going around Google.

    The more i digest the MS-Nokia alliance the more i realize that is a winning combination, yes symbian was ultra mature, and ultra powerful, but its not what is selling right now!! what is selling is ease of use, trendiness, apps and services

  • karam

    so who is getting paid for licensing? M$ for giving bing or NOKIA for giving NavTeq?