Murtazin claims Vanjoki to be Nokia CEO and Android as Plan B, after post on “Nokia plans tidbits” which are already public information

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Eldar is on some more claims again. This time, be BEGINS an entire thread on his own forum to explain in detail “insights/tidbits” into the Nokia Strategy.  The actual strategy here isn’t actually all that revealing. You can make that up yourself based on everything we know so far of Nokia. The actual astonishing claim is that Nokia plans on bringing back Vanjoki as CEO and putting Android on Nokias should Windows Phone 7 fail.

Nokia finalized own strategy for 2012-2013. A short outlook what we will see in near future

  • Low end devices S30/S40 Lite/S40 – 100 Euro or around (some devices up to 200 Euro)

Ok that’s not exactly new

  • Mid tier S60 5th edition 100-250 Euro – mass market

S60 5th Lives on. I think Rafe mentioned this in a conversation at Nokia World 2010. It’s a bit sad to see S60 5th still on the prowl.

  • Mid to high – Symbian^3 -5-7 device to come in 2012

Er, not new.

  • maemo6 – dead horse – 92000 units – last device for fans. No future developments.

MeeGo Harmattan Devices, which Nokia claimed are not really for masses again a while ago (disappointed us at the time as we  thought post N900 device, N9 would be mass market. Erm, not new.

  • High tier – WP7 devices.

Oh Goodness me. Really? This is completely shocking to me. -_-

  • Tablets – one tablet for 2012 (they will postponed it to 2013 as i think) – most tablets will go with Win8 2012

Well Elop has stated the tablet will not just be any tablet, giving excuse for the delay in Nokia not coming to this market any time soon, and that it may be with windows or it might not be, hedging a bet it would most likely be given that Elop, Nokia and co are creating this ecosystem.


21 per cent of smartphone market share worldwide in 2011 (too optimistic i think)
27 per cent of whole market share (the same idea)

Shortly – it means that Nokia clearly understand that in short tem they will losse market share in phones and smarts as well.

Hope this tibids will be usefull.

Well, useful in the sense that this is information we have already open in public. Other sites have already mentioned that Nokia’s expecting market share to fall in short term. This is NOT new and something you can expect

Later down the post Eldar Claims something quite extraordinary. Should the above fail. The back up? The plan B? Not as Elop said to make plan A work but…

Backup strategy: return Ansi as CEO – 2013; adopted Android as second platform;

It happens if MS not buy mobile phone division in 2 years

ERM What? 1) Why would MS want the Mobile Phone division of Nokia and not the smartphone division? 2) Why would Microsoft be buying any divisions of Nokia at all?

What about this return of Anssi?

Either because of the unlikely hood of Nokia and Microsoft failing with Windows Phones Eldar is making as wild a claim as possible as it rests on Windows Phone failing (which if it doesn’t Eldar will not be proven wrong on anything) or there is a possibility that Nokia may go the way of Android. It’s what several of our readers (who dislike the Microsoft option) prefer. It brings you almost your Symbian features, apps and co, with a ready US market (and UK market) that’s very receptive to Android. Elop’s outlined often why Nokia didn’t go the Android route, and since has stated that the number 1 action for Nokia is to beat Android. Really? Sounds like something Ballmer and Windows Phone would want, not Nokia alone.

I hope this doesn’t go the way of the Sendo. i.e. in MS’ best interest that Sendo fails (well, if you believe theregister) as commented by Symbolset in this post.

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Cheers Shymon for the tip!


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