Nokia X7-00 available for pre-order at Nokia Germany and Portugal (459 and 489 EUR respectively)

| May 6, 2011 | 14 Replies

Adnan tips us that the Nokia X7 is available for Pre-Order beginning at Germany. A google search also shows it’s available in Portugal too. It starts at 459 Euros in Germany, but if you live in Portugal, you have to pay 30 Euros more at 489 Euros. It’s not so strange, that difference has always been present for some reason.


Cheers Adnan for the tip!





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  • Because Portugal likes to rip us off 😉

    • Eero

      No it´s because they´re bankrupted and need the money to save their banks, 😉 /jk

      • toonho2500

        I am from Portugal, and OMG for the price of any Symbian 3 phone. I gess it will only get some lower price when windows phone from nokia arrives my country….

  • List India please………

  • Harangue

    @Jay: Guess I should have waited with posting? Should I delete my X7 entry?

  • Eero
  • Cod3rror

    Insane price, just insane!

    That phone should not cost more than 250 EUR, MAX!

    • Eero

      Nokia Online store´s always have “insane” prices but usually you get something extra included in the package. And just to give you an example Finnish Nokia Online-store lists the C7 at 429€ and a local retailer Markantalo sells it at 298€ (and home delivered!).
      Its almost ironic how all the other Nokia online-stores update their sites more frequently than the Finnish one does. After all Nokia does originate from Finland… We even got the C6-01 5 months later than advertised, and weren´t the first market it came out as it was advertised :/

      • Cod3rror

        C7 for €298? Too expensive, should not cost more than €180-200.

        • A-S-D

          Clearly you don’t know the value of things.
          The current 250-300 Euro pricing of the C7 is pretty good and really competitive with other companies and phones
          What is over priced is the C6-01 which is priced around the same but should be lowered to 220 Euro to be competitive with phones like the HTC Legend which the C6-01 smashes in stats
          As the other person said, pre-order prices are always a cash grab and the price will go down a week after its released and down again after a month

          • Eero

            I agree. The C6-01 Should be priced at max 250e, roughly the same as 5800xm after few months of its release. If so I´d buy it in a heartbeat to replace my 5800, but alas it´s priced at +330€ at most retailers. And operators here in Finland don´t even have it in their selections.
            C7 is amazingly cheap when you think about it: NFC, 3,5inch touchscreen (cap.), more than enough apps, free navigation, good batterylife, 8mpx camera etc. And all that for ~300e, bargain if you ask me.
            Maybe I´ll buy C7 instead of C6-01 😀

    • A-S-D

      The only 4-inch screened phone that comes close to a 250 Euro price tag is the Xperia X10 which is long outdated with a slow GPU
      Though it has a decent 1 GHz CPU, the phone is much slower than the S^3 devices with their superfast GPU
      All phones that have a comparable GPU to the X7 and a 4-inch+ screen are way higher priced unless they’re old devices in which case they’re priced around 350-400 Euros.

  • Goder

    Who can speak Deutch? Please look at Technische Daten to check how many speakers have X7

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