MeeGo 1.2 released

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Yesterday MeeGo 1.2 was released. Thanks to everyone who tipped this in for us

This release provides a solid baseline for device vendors and developers to start creating software for various device categories on Intel Atom* and ARMv7 architectures.

The MeeGo 1.2 Core OS provides a complete set of enabling technologies for mobile computing.

Some highlights of the MeeGo Core stack include:

  • MeeGo Reference Kernels supporting a variety of Intel Atom and ARMv7 platforms.
  • QML Application Framework and extended Qt-Mobility APIs, including additional location, system, connectivity, and sensor/haptic capabilities for rapid, rich, application development.
  • Enhanced Telephony and Connectivity capabilities, including:
    • GSM, GPRS, and HSPA+ network support
    • SIM Application Toolkit
    • Expanded Bluetooth profiles
    • Expanded VPN and wireless authentication methods
    • USB, WiFi, and BT-PAN data tethering capability
    • Enhance multimedia support, including RTSP streaming with progressive download

    This release also includes the following:

    Please refer to the Core and UX release notes, as well as the Developer Resources documentation pages, for a more complete list of features and supported platforms.

    Looking Ahead to MeeGo 1.3

    MeeGo development continues forward on a six-month cadence, with MeeGo 1.3 scheduled to be released in October, 2011.

    Many new features targeting MeeGo 1.3 have already been accepted in MeeGo Featurezilla. The development tree for MeeGo 1.3 is open and we are starting to integrate new components now.


Cheers Edmund, Jim


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  • Looks cool! Hope to see them on N9/N950

  • Mac

    ‘If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, its yours. If it doesnt, it never was!’ Maybe Intel letting Nokia go was the best thing ever for MeeGo. It will grow faster now that the accountability is with them. Nokia would release a MeeGo device and come to their senses when the demand for this device exceeds expectations. They will go back to MeeGo and the value that they would now add to the venture would be far greater than before. More verve to make it successfull. LG and others joining the bandwagen is the best thing ever for the MeeGo project as they are all seeking the same things….individualism and relevance in an environment that is fast becoming the biggest and fastest growing market. Android is open source but fully controlled by google. WP7 is a closed ecosystem. The value that they add to MeeGo would thus be more satisfactory than any other ecosystem.

    The 3rd ecosystem is MeeGo. Nothing stops them from borrowing from others to grow as an ecosystem. We have as an example, nintendo for gaming, Nokias Navteq that nokia shouldnt have problems with sharing, apps market cross compatability, Music and video hubs that any company would want on many devices as possible to make money etc.

    • you suggesting Nintendo would team up with Nokia after that lawsuit involving an n900 advert with a SNES emulator on it?

      not likley…

      I would love to believe that Intel could make something of this. I suppose only time will tell. As for their owwn ecosystem – what parts consist of this?

      so apple has

      e-mail;music store; app store; mac’s; apple games

      google (android) has’

      gmail; now has a music store; chrome OS (i expect some of the HTML5 apps for this will be cross compatible); maps; navigation; search; playstation

      MeeGo has; (potentially)

      Nokia store (from S^3); Nokia e-mail (which is a bit pants); Nokia money (which is only avail in some countries); Nokia Maps

      comes with music and Ngage would have filled the gaps – but were a flop.

      WP7 has:

      Zune, Hotmail; Exchange; XBOX Live; Windows Store (overpriced tbh)

      Are these things which make up an Ecosystem – if so – how come nokia already had one and it didn’t succeed, bad implementation?

    • meegomad

      meego is the greatest os so far

      but other companies thought nokia had too much control over it(ie android and wp7 is made by other manufactures that dont own them)and they couldn’t compete against nokia eg- if nokia started to sell ios it will never be as successful as iphone with many of its feature provided by apple only.

      so nokia let meego go a little bit so it will have a future(now lg is getting in)

      personally its stupid nokia should have gone with meego

      • PJ

        WP7 is tightly controlled by Microsoft and no one except Nokia is allowed to change anything about the OS or the base hardware guts. This is so that MS has full control over the software experience and can promise full update support for all phones for at least two years. On the other han MeeGo is a open platform and just like Android, OEMs can customize it how ever they please. The phone version of MeeGo was developed by Nokia and had its basis in Meamo while Intel was focusing on the tablet version that’s based of their old Tablet OS, i dont remember the name. Just like Google is controling the development of Android, Nokia was controlling the development of MeeGo. And since MeeGo is an open platform the OEMs could do what ever they want with it so it’s really hard to see anyone being dissatisfied by the by the control Nokia had over MeeGo since if they didn’t like the base version of MeeGo, they could just change it.

        • meegomad

          well what i read was othe manufactures were scared nokia has too much control

          your right tho it is open source linux which means they can do what they want and so is qt so its complete stupidity that these people dont see this

        • Mac

          The name of intels os was Moblin.

  • ruin

    does this mean that n9 will be based on ARMv7 architecture and not the cortex A8 or something like the latest snapdragon???i understand that it is the experience that matters but i don’t want hardware limitations to stand in the way of my expectations fro any future updates after the n9 is released…man that would suck.

  • Guest

    Wonder if you miss the next Windows phone updated with a day too…

  • Edmund

    you guys will probably be more interested in the handset part of meego.. but it’s already 1.2 and there are still many lingering bugs for the netbook from what i’ve read at forum.meego and on trying myself… slightly. disappointed. T.T

  • Mac

    So your theory is that nintendo would hold a grudge against nokia. Kissing and making up happens and is beneficial for both parties. Anyway that was an example so there can be other players if you think about them.

    I do agree with the ecosystem that nokia had and messed it up. That doesnt mean that 1 cannot create new ventures for the market or ecosystem. Other companies have done so but marketed it correctly.

    Now your point of integration for meego is not entirely based on the above the you have mentioned. What about in car infotainment? What about home infotainment? What about PC linkups? What about the networks that nokia have created? What about the partnership with microsoft….what you think that microsoft wouldnt want their exchange, bing etc integrated into other ecosystems? It would be cross platform but benificial to both ecosystems. A mutual benefit to both and nokia can drive that through their close relationship with ms. What about nokias diverse presence in many countries? All of these compounds to the ecosystem. Your device should integrate with your life in all areas and that is a great opportunity with nokia and meego. Agree with your points though but bare in mind that an ecosystem has a great diverse coverage and not just limited to what you have mentioned. I can go on but enough said.

    • Mac

      in reply to zonkOr

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  • Ahmed

    im so happy with meego although i like symbian^3 more
    but atleast when they say they are going to release an update they do not like symbian -.- dissappointing

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