Nokia’s Windows Phone with and without keypad, coming 2011. Nokia Maps replace Bing Maps early 2012

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Reuters and Forbes are both reporting that Nokia will be shipping their first Windows Phone handsets this year, Reuters specifying Q4 (makes sense, that’s around Mango availability – end of Fall?).

Forbes have been speaking to Jo Harlow who hasn’t confirmed anything but says we’re on track for 2011.

“I’m quite pleased with our progress. Our target is absolutely still this year…and the target looks good.”

Forbes also notes that there won’t just be one device.


Harlow says the first batch of Nokia Windows Phones will be a “small portfolio” of multiple devices

In a separate report, Reuters say that there would indeed be multiple models. Two in fact. One Full Touch, one “sleek one” with keypad. Keypad? Reuters‘s confirmation of 2011 comes from handset contract maker Compal Communications – the sole company to receive orders for Nokia’s Windows phones – “would start shipment in fourth quarter”.

And whilst I’m talking about Windows Phones, PhoneScoop say that Mango will not get Nokia Maps. Well you might already know that if you were taking note at the Mango event. That’s not to say Nokia themselves won’t have it. It might come as a separate app until it’s finally rolled into Windows Phone core. That will take longer as Microsoft wants full integration and that merged product might take a while.

PhoneScoop states that Microsoft spokesperson Greg Sullivan implied that the switch to Nokia Maps from Bing Maps would take place early 2012 “which is when the first Nokia-made WP7 handsets are expected.” Though above, we’ve just told you they’re expected in 2011.


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  • Fourth quarter means december 31st right ? or is it April 2012 like how it happened for E7 😉

  • Janne

    “PhoneScoop states that Microsoft spokesperson Greg Sullivan implied that the switch from Nokia Maps to Bing Maps would take place early 2012 “which is when the first Nokia-made WP7 handsets are expected.””

    You mean vice-versa? From Bing Maps to Nokia Maps?

    • Jay Montano

      yup, soz. Thanks, will edit.

  • hackednokia

    The target muss be X-Mas 2011.

    Dear Santa,

    I have only one wish …

    • Laborant

      … a MeeGo/Harmattan Phone from Nokia with crossed advantages of Maemo/N900 and QT/N8 with the “flow” of iOS.

      Yes Santa… thats my wish…


      • viipotttaja

        Santa will come early for you this year! 🙂

        • Laborant

          I hope so 🙂

          For the 1st advent, Anna would be nice… 😀

      • hosny santos

        dear laborant why you talk in N9 this is a great news he is caming/ i am from brazil south america and i think nokia is the best

    • nilux

      A linux phone

    • Zaxxx

      Dear Santa pls kick SElop ass. (Sent from my dying os phone)

  • Marcel

    “handset contract maker Compal Communications – the sole company to receive orders for Nokia’s Windows phones ”

    Hasn’t Nokia produced all its phones in own factories in the past? Why giving production of Windows Phones out to an ODM? Or did they the same already in the past? Another measure to cut costs?

    • Keizka

      Both yes and no. Nokia assembles its own phones mostly but uses components made by others.

    • ZiPA

      Probably because of speed and desire not to interrupt existing product lines until they are ready to ramp up production on a larger scale.

    • d ^^ b

      A good point.
      They have had almost all of their phones made in their own factories, with the exception of few models either due to having their own factories running at full speed during high demand, or some technical difference in hw, such as CDMA phones.

      Now, there can be two reasons that come to mind.

      1. They are making their organisation leaner (and this way following some other manufacturers) by outsourcing some of the production and possibly also hw design. This might be a good thing, if it will reduce to market time by cutting away some of the bureaucracy.

      2. Compal will make and partly design the CDMA versions that were discussed in Jo Harlow’s Forbes interview. These are for Chinese market, but also could get Nokia handsets to US CDMA carriers like Verizon.

      2nd one is more likely, but it doesn’t mean that the 1st one’s benefits couldn’t come also.

  • deep space bar

    meego News please i want more any release dates or we have to wait till the conferance is done

    • Laborant

      I heard/read something about “Nokia will announce their MeeGo Device a few weeks after the MeeGo-Conference”. I just don’t know where…

      I hope it’s true 😉

      • Meego who

        who cares about meego. Nokia sure doesnt
        And by the way this a topic about nokia windows phones
        Stay on topic 😛

  • Marcel

    Now that rumours are spreading that the Harmattan device sold to consumers won’t have a keyboard, I might look into the Mango devices from Nokia, especially the one with keyboard… I believe Windows Phone will rapidly grow in features that all we be as tightly integrated as possible into the OS (similar to what Harmattan is said of). That will make it a real winner over Android: Uniformity, consistency and integration over the complete Apps & OS.