Nokia Bubbles bounces back onto your phone!

| May 26, 2011 | 27 Replies

After being put on hold and the download link being taken down from Nokia Beta Labs for over a month, Nokia Bubbles is back!

The Nokia Bubbles team originally took it down as there were a lot of major issues with it, mainly due to it originally being developed on a beta version of QT which had bugs in its self!

If you are wondering, what is Nokia Bubbles, it basically allows you to use your Symbian^3 phone without the need to unlock it. So if you receive a text, all you need to do is touch the message bubble and drag to the message you want to open, or to change profile just touch the profile icon and drag to the one you want to change to, it’s as easy as that!

Ow and also it’s just fun to flick the bubbles around, it’s like being a kid again!

The latest version bings a few extra features, some of which the community asked for, including a settings dialog so you can activate and de-activate bubbles (was always on before), and now it is built on the latest, official version of Qt!

The things you can do with Nokia Bubbles include:

Before you install, just make you you are aware of these known issues:

Known Issues

When selecting background images to be used please be patient and let the application load all the images before closing the selection view. Closing the view too early might cause device to jam. We have been investigating this issue but seems there might be some issues in QML side and we’ll investigate it further.

Friends bubble is selecting the number in the “Telephone” field in your contacts when you add a friend into the bubble. Unfortunately we cannot change the bubble to use “Mobile” field by using the Qt Mobility API.

Missed call bubble do not support VoIP calls yet.

Nokia C7 has some issues related to orientation switch with the current (phone) production software with bubbles. These issues are already being solved in coming (phone) software update releases.

To download, head over to the Beta Labs page either on your PC or on your phones directly.

(You need to register/be logged in to download)

A couple of people have asked how to change settings…
Hold your finger on anywhere there is no bubbles, and you get 3 options:

  • Settings
  • Enable/disable automatic background scrolling
    (changes background every so often from the ones you have selected)
  • Change backgrounds

Just select the one you want!


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