Hey @ZuneSupport, what’s with “Your account would be suspended and you would be unable to make any purchases…”

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My purchasing of Windows Phone market place apps has been pretty easy. Download via phone or via PC and it’s there on my Windows Phone. Simple enough. Today I got an email saying my account could be suspended. Why? On 18/05/2011 I tried to purchase an app. Since I got a new card, the old one didn’t work and Zune asked me for new details. It allowed me to download an app and the bill is on my bank statement. On the 25/05/2011 I buy another couple of apps. No need to reenter details it seems, they both follow through fine.

But then today I get this email.


We have been unable to charge you for the following purchases billed to you through Microsoft Billing Services:

25/05/2011 (App list of what I’ve purchased here)

The following credit card is the current payment method on your billing account:

Card type: ******

Your account would be suspended and you would be unable to make any purchases until we receive updated billing information. If payment is due for other Microsoft services purchased with the above card, those services may also be affected.

To update your credit card information, sign in to and choose “My account” from the drop-down menu under your Zune Tag in the upper right, or go to for assistance.
If you have already resolved this issue, please disregard this notice and accept our thanks.

Thank you for using Microsoft Billing Services.
The Microsoft Zune and Windows Phone teams.

What?! You let me buy from my new card on the 18th and a week later on the SAME card you refuse to accept it and then threaten to suspend my account? The apps got downloaded, you must have verified the card works. I don’t get it. At least with every other damn place that uses a card, you don’t process the transaction unless you can confirm payment. Then if there’s a problem, request an updated card details. Don’t be some big twat about it and threaten suspension of an account. I’m sure you WANT to piss of your customers and stop them buying from you, no?


I check online to see if my cards have been mixed up. I log in to to manage my cards. My old one is still there. I try to delete it. I can’t. I get “Can’t remove your card now. Please try again later.” Is there an option to choose default card either? Er no.

MS, you noticed me the old card didn’t work, you requested a new one and accepted payment from the new card. I can only fathom that you somehow got confused and some how allowed “payment” from the old card. I don’t know how and why you did that (After asking for a new card, why go back to the old one???) but now you’re claiming the fault is on MY end and want ME to sort out the card mix up when you clearly won’t allow such a thing?


One thing I can compare between Ovi Store and Zune buying is that as soon as I purchase something in Ovi Store:

1) I am emailed my receipt

2)The last 4 digits of the card is confirmed

3)payment taken

With Zune, there’s an almighty retarded delay.

1) Receipt sent 4 days after purchase. What are you doing taking 4 days to send a receipt? Are you personally hauling my details to Ballmer?

2)No card details confirmed other than card type. Useful. Helps to know precisely what card is being charged. NOT.

3)As seen here – Payment can be taken or not. The app will download letting you assume you’ve paid for it, though it’s possible you might not have. It’s at the whim of Zune.

I think it’s a wonderful system that Microsoft has here. They mess up your payments. They can’t get paid. They threaten to ban you (or actually do that).


I don’t know, a number of things. A quick search leads to several types of problems users are having. This dates back to 2005 so it’s not something introduced with Windows Phone. Ah well, it should curb my MarketPlace purchases – I had a big old list of apps to buy after my exams too :D.

It doesn’t seem to be that widespread (well that’s if we pretend faults only occur when people complain….”only” 3000 responses for “We have been unable to charge your credit card” – all MS related), but again, it is an issue that dates back to 2005. I’d like to think this was something I did. Perhaps it’s a phishing scam. Similar letters have used this format, except mine contains details of apps as well as my name and card type details specific only to my Zune account.

Microsoft’s advice on such matters? “Contact Support”.

OK, here we go.


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