12MP Windows Phone supporting RAW – “Quality is not bad at all” – Murtazin

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Something looks to usurp the Nokia N8’s year long reign as king of the camera phones. Eldar Murtazin seems to have hands on a 12MP camera phone sporting Windows Phone. Is it from Samsung? HTC? He’s not answering.

Can’t be Nokia, right 1) complement on a Nokia, no 2) they’ve got these protos on the lock down.

I’m not sure it can be HTC since “quality not bad” and “HTC” in the same sentence in context of cameras causes parts of the universe to implode. It’s possibly Samsung. Eldar does love his Samsung phones. Once claiming (though proved wrong by everyone else that Samsung Pixon 12 took better photos than the “Average, nothing special” N8 (which from independent reviews blasted competiton, even point and shoots, megazooms and came close to DSLRs.

Nokia’s Windows Phone is the only one known to have 12MP (in one of the future models) – Damien Dinning has discussed the reasons before why N8 was not going to have RAW output. HTC are rumoured to be putting 16MP in theirs (blatantly just for marketing as oppose to actually wanting consumers to have good quality photos). I wonder what these additional settings are? Additional to Windows Phone? (Windows Phone camera settings is Uber basic). It would be cool if it were Nokia. They’re the only ones really interested in imaging really.

The need is understood. However, sorry to disappoint but the N8 will not include this capability. We need JPEG+RAW mode to make this work, so people can still easily send images direct from the device. RAW on it’s own is no good IMHO in such devices. This is a lot more complex than it seems on the surface because you need to take into account the whole ecosystem with devices such as phones. You can’t just presume everyone has Adobe Photoshop. We would also need to provide some additional manual controls for you to really benefit from RAW.


“Additional manual controls” – is this “some additional settings”?

So…Dell, HTC, Samsung, LG, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, ZTE, or


Updates: Eldar said it’s NOT a Nokia. Hmm…

Update 2: Eldar shows it’s HTC. Heavens. Good photos on a HTC?

Cheers @Mohamedyoursi and dietyyli. I’m not sure if this is the one that demoed Mango last week (it appeared to have a N8 like camera bump though could just be the lighting)

Come on now, Nokia. Pull out all the stops. Can you also do something about the camera UI on Windows Phone as it just sucks. It’s just as annoying as Symbian, probably more so (which has much more features in camera). Something neat like Maemo 5.

Update 3: Here’s Eldar taking a demo of Mango. In Russian BTW. (Cheers Eero)

Oh and Engadget calls Eldar “International phone review superstar”. ROFL.


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