Nokia E6 and Nokia X7, first Symbian Anna phones, now shipping. Symbian Anna “in the coming months”.

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Nokia Conversations are reporting that the Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 are now shipping. Hurray! This looks set that we can get our hands on them (at least some of us) in shops by June.


The first Nokia phones featuring Symbian Anna, the Nokia E6 and Nokia X7, are now shipping. The X7 will be available in Europe, Eurasia, China, India and other Asia/Pacific countries, while the E6 will be available worldwide. As a hardcore fan of the Nokia E71 and E72 form factor, I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could touch both QWERTY and screen – and here it is with the E6.

They also mention the Symbian^3 update, Symbian Anna:

And fear not Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6 fans – Symbian Ann will be available for you in the coming months.

LOL. That’s what you said in April.


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  • awawawxxx

    humanity…never satisfied with what they have…:D
    iDoalotmore still N8’s

    • Rant

      If humanity was satisfied with what it had we wouldn’t have had smartphones at all. 😛

      • awawawxxx

        good reason…:-D

  • fazilmmm

    hey..,they decide when to launch updates..,is there any prob with current situations?
    Elop cary on babe..,make it slower..and @*#@&…
    Am using N8 for past 8 mnths.. Kill me nokia..

    Now am thnking WTH i sold my N900 ! Apart from list of features it had a vast kind of apps n updates..! Only sweat memmories left..

  • John

    The fact that everyone is commenting on the Anna update rather than the X7 or the E6 says it all about Nokia’s troubles. I can understan it being on newer devices first the though update that is. It so unpredictable to have it on the N8’s E7’s C7’s and the other devices first rather than the new devices Anna was developed on from the beginning.

  • Seylan

    Anna should be available as SOON as the X7/E6 are on sale! WTF? I thought BELLE was suppose to launch in Q3….
    And as for the X7….well how can a dedicated MULTI-MEDIA phone NOT have an HDMI port…and come with only a 8gb card in box, and hardly any internal memory!!!??? And gaming is exactly the same as other S^3 devices, save for the larger screen, so why are they marketing it like that? The only thing it got that the others don’t is that AWESOME really sexy design and those stereo speakers…
    The E6 seems VERY good, but then again, all the latest Symbian devices have out-dated specs…

  • Razor

    And now you wonder why nokia is dropping symbian os. yeah i know symbian is a good os with it’s lot’s of feature but it’s too hard to code. The microkernel is too old. So moving to wp7.1 was good move for nokia. Of course maemo was a better os too. And it’s also debian based linux kernel. I don’t understand why nokia didn’t developed maemo enough. Merging intel’s moblin with nokia’s maemo was a bad idea. Meego is not fully ready yet. Nokia screwed big time and now their paying the heavy price….

  • Patata

    Did anyone else get an ~2,8MB “phoneupdate” yet?
    It came via Ovi Suite for me today (not OTA).
    It didn’t seem to change anything despite the fact that my N8 is now slower than ever before. It takes almost a minute to open up the settings menu for example 🙁

  • Navifirm has now the PR2.0 for X7.

  • Many were blaming OPK for how bad Nokia was performing. Now, under new management, things have not improved. How long since Elop took over? 8-9 months? It seems to me that there hasn’t been any significant change. I do agree that OPK has forced Nokia on a very rigid path but he kept the company’s identity, whereas Elop has taken away that identify by signing with Microsoft. If memory serves, Otellini from Intel said that it was a mistake to partner up with Nokia on MeeGo. It seems that not only customers complain but also industry innovators. Surely there is something very wrong within Nokia.

    If we look at the bright side, who would not want to work in a company where deadlines do not matter? Nokia is a good example of such a company. There is no deadline, only ambiguous targets. In any other competitive company, people who don’t deliver on time would be fired. The move to Accenture and the 7000 people whom will be fired are not fired for failing to deliver a product at a given date. Are fired or whatever because Nokia has rid themselves of Symbian.

    How can we, the Symbian users, ignore these things and be happy that Nokia delivers when they do? Why should we be satisfied with mediocre service? Look at the purple screen fiasco. My N8 has a purple screen problem and even after 3 months Nokia Care Point hasn’t got a tangible solution. I’ve been to three different Nokia Care Points and nobody can fix the issue. Most of them say it is normal. Unbelievable.

    My Dear Nokia, if in the past you were the pride of Europe, today you are the same of Europe. You’ve become the laughing stock of the mobile computing world and Symbian users are not Apple folk that fall for any marketing gimmick. It is very sad that you are insulting our intelligence with these cover ups but as you can see it does not work. You’ve tried to take a page out of the Apple brainwash book but you’ve forgotten your place. Nokia exists because of us, the customers and given the situation, there will be some suffering when the quarterly results come in.

    Nokia, can’t you see that what you built in a decade was erased by Apple in a few years? Can’t you see that we don’t want broken products anymore? Can’t you see that we don’t want to pay you to make us your beta testing community? Can’t you see that we are fed up of compromises? Have a look in your official forums and count how many threads exist with the N8 and Symbian^3 problems.

    In my view, my dearest Nokia, you knew what a lemon Symbian^3 was and you were counting on these promised updates and our loyalty to fix it. Then Elop gave you your burning platform memo, signed with Microsoft and the lemons remained lemons. Nokia you seem to have given up on the hand that feeds you. This is a fatal mistake in this competitive industry. You will end up in the situation where your survival will depend on Microsoft buying you out. This will be a more brutal end than bankruptcy.

  • Arbegla

    Jesus, some people here are just blatantly retarded. It’s a software update on a phone that is already fully functional, more stable than most competitors, has close to perfect hardware and is what you paid for to begin with. Yes, not having a portrait qwerty sucks, but at the same time, it wouldn’t kill you to rotate the damn thing. If you don’t like the phone, sell it.
    If you want a Nokia THAT badly with the same features and updated software, go buy the X7 and trade in your N8. It’ll cost you maybe a $100. I don’t see what the big deal with Anna is. My N8 is a powerhouse thanks to the out of the box functionality and the Ovi store that has got some really nice apps lately. It’ll come when it’ll come, we don’t know how Nokia works, won’t know unless we work with Symbian at Nokia. Let’s have a bit more patience and remember what we got is what we paid for. The software updates are an added bonus and so are the quality free apps.

  • SadPanda

    Some ideas on how the E6 could be better, what do you guys think?
    1) do away with the shortcut buttons around the d-pad, could potentially increase screen length / a more compact body. The shortcuts can be incorporated into Anna’s layout / notification areas etc
    2) made Anna more thumbable, it looked really hard to navigate given the small lists / selectable areas
    3) give the innards more oomph! The menus and such had a noticeable lag

    Once these 3 are clear, I’ll buy this puppy in a blink of an eye!

    In it’s defense though!
    1) they’re there because of the success of the e71, gives people a sense of familiarity? And yes they’re actually useful shortcuts, though nothing a touchscreen can’t accomplish as easily. This also means that by keeping the same layout it ensures backward compatibility with older applications.
    2) the transition from Symbian^3 (E5) to Anna (E6) was non-touch based to touch based, one could actually use the E6 without using the touchscreen, hence the touchscreen was more of a gimmick (easier to browse websites/maps) / required upgrade “for the future” or “against Blackberry’s 9900/9930”. Same reason for familiarity and compatibility.
    3) keep the price down?

    Nokia made a good product start, with a full touchscreen and a hybrid touch+qwerty. They should use the opportunity to make 2 versions of Anna, one for each. Now people will talk about fragmentation, and making things difficult for application developers. Do remember that this is similar to the current symbian^3 situation, candybar/qwerty/touchscreen. The good thing is if Nokia made the system right, developers could reuse much of their application’s layout, seeing how the area taken up by the touchscreen’s keyboard will be replaced by the hardware keyboard. (Numpad are purely for super-feature phones IMHO, but then again I loved my E52!!)