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I was closing up my revision notes on my PC when I saw this random Nokia ramblings I jotted down. It caught my attention again because in one of our posts, someone was discussing that the N9 could possibly be called the Nokia iON. Hmm.. OK.(I kinda like that, just NOT with a little I as that comes with a splash of heretic’s witchcraft and wizardry)

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On a similar note, a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about Nokia naming schemes again when we saw those N950 leaked teasers:

I was randomly musing about Nokia stuff, as you do. The N9 was the subject of thought, and I was remembering that I’ve feen fascinated by it ever since we found out Nokia had an all new naming scheme. Name + 1 letter. That meant that from 1-9, N9 would be the most powerful of all Nseries.

Nokia Neo from the golden days, lol

We need a N10 perhaps. N10 sounds like that cartoon, Ben Ten. But doesn’t N10 look like NIO or NEO. That wouldn’t be too farfetched of a Nokia name. They’ve actually had a product before called the Nokia Neyo – with iPod esque wheel (though I don’t think anything ever came of it).

Something else this also ties in with perhaps is the possibility of Nokia using Neonode Zforce. There’s rife rumours over at forums.

Neo – means new. Revived form.

I think that would be cool for Nokia, what with the need to have a NEW image and revived success.

What do you guys think?

Ha, just an idea. This has got to be a name that carries on as a brand. Like Galaxy, like iPhone etc. Read up that little rant post from 2009 on what I’m complaining about name wise.

I know some of you prefer numbers and don’t like the ridiculous names being given to Android handsets (Samsung, mostly HTC are culprits – with HTC’s dictionary of anything goes names. ChaCha. OK). We could have both. Like Samsung’s models have a model number and a name.


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