Video: Nokia Blogger Meeting Zürich – Anna, Belle, MeeGo, WinPho info (x7 “new” packaging)

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Apparently, there was a Nokia Blogger Meeting in Zurich on Monday (6th June) where this presentation was given by Andri Puorger, product marketing manager.

  • Switzerland will get Nokia Windows Phone in 2012 Q1. He specifically mentions this again that in other markets, it may well be Q4. This makes me uneasy about which part of Q4 Nokia’s windows phone will arrive at. Q4 being October to November, I would have hoped for an October release (Fall being availability of Mango and Fall being September – November)
  • Until then Symbian IS and will remain the main smartphone operating system.
  • Also in 2012, in addition to Windows Phone devices there will be new Symbian devices – new software updates – new update in 3rd quarter (anna)
  • More updates (Belle?) end of 2011 or “beginning” of 2012
  • New Symbian Hardware – new design, new hardware specs  with fully updated Symbian.
  • Symbian Anna looks nice, better than previous but you’ll see much more in upcoming releases.
  • Goal to sell 150 million more Symbian devices – we need new hardware/new software.
  • Reiterating Symbian support till 2016 (Don’t know what this means to you, I know it should be comforting- especially if we consider the realistic pattern of phone ownership durations -  but no one really likes to hear their phone platform has a shelf life)
  • MeeGo will go afterwards into future disruptions – a department that cares about new stuff, all the upcoming functionality never ever seen on the market
  • The rest of the video I think goes on to talk about Symbian Anna and the 50+ features (split screen keyboard in demo – oh why it has taken soooo long :S)
  • I feel the same “wtf” feeling when Apple announced folders/wallpaper as new features as this guy is telling us about the benefits of portrait QWERTY.


  • Something cool in Ovi Maps that they’re working on. Time Table for public transport. Great stuff. There are apps, but integration is better!
  • Checking in on 10 social networks.
  • Update button in Maps to auto download maps material – e.g. download maps material. Find wifi and download all your maps for new area if you forgot to do this before hand (good cost effective roaming costs cut)

X7 – E6

Check out the retail package box. I’m having lapses in memory, but have nokia done a box like the X7’s before? This long cuboidal iPhone like package (I kinda remember one though it might just be midnight tiredness)

See it sliding out of the box and not the usual Nokia flap…phone is first thing you see. That’s how my Omnia 7 came and this minimalistic packaging was popularised by Apple.

  • There’s demoes of Anna I skipped


  • Why isn’t Anna on existing devices?

Priority to have it preinstalled – end consumer can buy latest software so we also sell new hardware. Next step to bring update for existing consumers. Want to have update software tested enough where we don’t have bad experiences.

  • What about next update, will it be in Qt?

It will be mixed in that sense. It’s NOT fully Qt. It was planned but this is now NOT the case. <<They don’t really seem to be sure about this themselves. They state “I don’t know..” and something I couldn’t quite hear properly.

All the services you see built on top will be Qt based.

New HS will be much more open, much more flexible.

  • What about in 2012?

In 2012 we’ll continue with S^3. Symbian^3 updates will be given free to existing customers. Goal to have all S^3 devices with existing specifications supported.


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