“Nokia is Not For Sale!” – Stephen Elop (“Ovi Brand a mistake”)

| June 9, 2011 | 30 Replies

As you know, Stephen Elop is at Open Mobile Summit today, he gave a keynote at 9:30 today (GMT).

Some choice quotes are flying everywhere. Engadget has a CE-OH no he didn’t when Elop supposedly said Apple created Android…or at least the conditions. Well in essence that’s true and two, he said this at Uplinq two weeks ago.

“Apple being Apple took a mobile approach and kept the ecosystem closed
and to themselves. In so doing they essentially created Android. By
having a wonderful UX to which everyone wanted to do the same thing.
Apple created a vacuum and google stepped in and filled that void.”



Anyway, Camb078 retweeted a comment from an attendee @lifeisbetteron which for a while should calm all rumours about possible Microsoft or the more recent Samsung buy out of Nokia.

Nokia Q&A at #OpenMobile: @selop says Nokia is not for sale to @BenWood

Other things Elop said (via @lifeisbetteron):

  • “Nokia is the only brand that really matters in Nokia’s ecosystem, the OVI brand was a mistake”
  • Nokia, HTC, Samsung need to band together to compete with Android and iPhone



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  • Cloud_Connected

    Beiing on a burning platform this man jumped into the icy north sea and slowly he recognizes that he and everybody else who jumped with him – DROWN.

    • outdated os

      either they didn’t have a rescue boat or even if they did…


      • Jay Montano

        Yeah, true. Rescue is coming but they’re not close enough to quickly sweep us out. Hopefully we find away to stay afloat and alive till it comes 😉

        • stylinred

          well lets hope they don’t freeze to death waiting 😉

  • Harangue

    That’s odd, my comment went SPAM. Lets try that again:

    That last quote seems a bit odd, Samsung HTC and Nokia need to band together to compete with Android?

    That would mean that both Samsung and HTC would destroy their own revenue from Android? Unlikely.

    I think HTC and Samsung will back out of WP or atleast go slow with it. The other WP backing brands however will probably go all in. Android is saturated and WP with Nokia in it will gain more and more Nokia related extra’s which are profitable for WP as a whole and for the MFR’s that jumped in.

    Good to here though that Nokia isn’t for sale, however, a hostile takeover could do away with that.

    • Cloud_Connected

      This is Elop´s try to “construct” a possible ecosystem in order to produce at least some traction for WinPhone.

      You´re right by saying that they HTC/SAMSUNG/others won´t shoot into their own leg by reducing Android sales and strenghtening WinPhone.

    • Mu

      If this was what OEMs are thinking, then they wouldn’t have jumped into WP in the first place.

      Clearly they want to make WPs.

      And if they want to make WPs, they need to compete against Android. And as Elop has said, he’s talking to the part of them that makes WPs

      WP will have a share of the market, some people will prefer what WP brings over Android, OEMs want a piece of that cake.

      Android is winning today, that’s true. But why not join what could be the winner of tomorrow.

      Also, I don’t think OEMs want to put all their eggs in Google’s basket. Having other options is a good thing.

    • Francis

      This proof that Elop is brainless in Mobile Phone business ! He don’t even know what he is talking about !

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  • Johnny Tremaine

    Well, that’s nice of Elop to say and all, but that share price and market valuation says otherwise.

    At <$7 a share, Nokia is most definitely an acquisition target, if not wide open to a hostile takeover.

    If an interesting offer was made to the existing shareholders by the likes of Samsung or Microsoft, and they agreed on principle, Elop won't have much choice but to go along with it.

  • John

    Why would Samsung and HTC help Nokia beat Android, when both of them are growing and selling a ridiculous amount of phones due to Android, makes no sense to me.

    Ovi failed because Nokia couldn’t turn it into a reputable brand due to the amateurish services it offered. The only good that came out of Ovi was Ovi maps which was there well before Ovi came in, so that doesn’t even count.

    • deep space bar

      cause elop is a 100 percent stooge and all this crap coming out his out his mouth is driving Nokia down the drain

    • Dave

      Just when did “Ovi fail”?

      Isn’t Ovi turning more profit/turnover than the Android marketplace?

      • The name is fail.

        But for me, it was good. I HATED WITH ALL MY FORCES the “Ovi Suite” program. But that made me hate Ovi, and Ovi only. The Nokia brand was not affected by my hatred on the Ovi Suite problems, slowness, lagginess, and plenty of problems it has caused me.

        And I’m now very happy that Ovi is gone. (I hope they make a new Nokia Suite client altogether or I’m going to hate on Nokia too)

  • deep space bar

    he needs to shut his mouth cause he’s just making Nokia’s name look horrible and as well be removed from Nokia as well

  • Mushfiq

    Get lost man Mr.Elop is doing his job the right way. This man is truely qualified to be the CEO of nokia currently.

    • Cocco Bill

      You are being sarcastic, right? Right?!

  • Rock

    How come my comment didn’t come up? o.O

    Ah well many people have already said it. Only Nokia needs to beat Android, HTC and Samsung are happily growing with it.

    • Jay Montano

      Seem to be having issues. My comment here has also disappeared :S

  • viipotttaja

    and Samsung denies the rumor. who’s next, eldar? htc? se? google? rim? rim me, eldar.

    • Cloud_Connected

      Hey…let´s buy Nokia fir ourselves =) and make a better job than Elop!

      In a few weeks Nokia won´t be worth more than a few thousand bucks 😉 – I would spend a few dollars – who is in?


      • MJT

        Count me in!

  • vlgr

    Well.. Dick Fuld kept insisting that Lehman Brothers wasn’t for sale in 2008 until, well..we all know what happened

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  • Tamojit

    Elop is a fucker. He is nothin bt a damn dog. Evrybody shud kick his fuckin ass..

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  • Goc

    Killing the Ovi brand is one of the few things that Elop has done right during his term as CEO. Everything should have remained Nokia.

  • yasu


    “The announcement confirms our view that the Nokia brand is at risk of losing visibility and that the opportunity to create a third ecosystem based on Windows Phone is rapidly vanishing.”

    Nokia has thrown in its lot with Microsoft , with whom it will co-develop its next generation of smartphones. It hopes to gain the kind of attention Apple and Google have attracted from software developers who enrich their devices.

    Nokia’s market value has halved to 17 billion euros ($25 billion) since it unveiled the Microsoft move in February.

    Read more:

    Ovi brand may be a mistake but a certain Friday of February is turning out to be a catastrophe. The so-called Elopcalypse.

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