Large batch of new S40 phones coming?

| June 14, 2011 | 21 Replies

A couple of days back we received a tip from Janimatik with a large list of UA profiles. Unfortunatly it isn’t a new batch of Symbian 3 phones, the pair of MeeGo phones or an early leak of the first Windows Phone. The list consists of S40 type variants, mainly the C2 and X2.

These are all phones destined for places like Africa and Asia. Most of the profiles below only list GSM and EDGE capabilities which makes them perfect for places without 3G coverage. This is exactly what Nokia has said earlier: ‘The next billion users to internet’ and they are definitly trying to make it happen with this batch of phones.

The UA profiles:

All models are generally the same which seems a bit odd, that would make only form factor or design the differentiator. The above models all have GPRS and EDGE (EGPRS) and similar screen resolution of 240 x 320

There is one profile that mentions HSDPA however.

So, are these the phones we will see at Nokia Connection rather than a MeeGo device? Could very well be, the Nokia Connection event is apparantly more regionally targeted so a MeeGo launch would seem unlikely. We will see.

Thanks Janimatik, for the tip(s).


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