Poll and Gallery: Black, White or Silver Nokia E6-00?

| June 16, 2011 | 41 Replies

I had an email from WOMWorld’s Paul who says they’ve got some E6 to trial. This will be coming on Monday so watch this space. Now there’s three colours available, black, white and silver. Not sure on which one, I asked twitter (from @jaymontano) yesterday what colour I should pick and that particular colour is being shipped now :).

Out of interest though, which colour Nokia E6 would you prefer? I asked Paul if he could snap some side by side photos of these three E6, and he’s got them for us below :) hehe, love phone piles :D

I’m very much looking forward to trying the E6. I’ve never used a QWERTY portrait candybar for more than half an hour at most, and never really using Eseries properly until the Nokia E7.

[polldaddy poll=5148548]

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  1. JFH says:

    You are turning into a celebrity Jay. I am sure hoping for detailed coverage of the N9, or whatever it may be called.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Celebrity? Lol, hardly. But thanks for the advice/tips on the blog. Lot of the stuff we weren’t sure of, such as reorganizing layout – trimming stories to a short excerpt- really has made it easier to deliver stories in a more compact front page.

      We’ll do what we can to bring as much coverage as we can on N9/N950/RM-680/ION/Whatever it’s called :D Itching to snap some device pics with MyFirstDSLR lol. E6 will be good practice :)

      • Aliqudsi says:

        I think an X7 would be more intersting of a trial device considering ANNA is more implemetned on it (keyboard and all)

      • vpuik says:

        How are you liking your 60D? Try to keep yourself away from a bad case of LBA… (Lens buying addiction)

        • Jay Montano says:

          I’m liking it a lot thanks! Have only one kit lens and zoom lens, just about to get 1 more now (50mm f 1.8) but that’s the last one for this year! :p

  2. stylinred says:

    white then black

  3. Rock says:

    White or Black please.

  4. fledge says:

    Sucker for black.

    I have a legion of black handsets.

  5. Mike says:

    Nice, he used a N8 to snap pics.

    Gotta have the black one.

  6. Rudeboi says:

    The white version. It’s so clean

  7. outdated os says:


    *whisper* but they will give you a “pink” one. /jk

  8. N00-00 says:

    4 of my last 5 phones have been black ones(SE Satio and N900 among others) but since I got a silver E7, I’m starting to love it… It isn’t too flashy like the white nor is as plain as the black..

  9. arts says:

    why isnt there a i hate Nokia i think they suck but i keep visiting this website just to leave nasty comments option?

  10. DGui says:

    Silver, I have two silver N8s and they’re ‘great’…

  11. Al Pavangkanan says:

    Shining silver!

  12. NT says:

    vote for white.

    too many black blackberries out there ;p

  13. ssdh says:

    Sweet, all three look amazing…
    Anyway, why not try experimenting with product pics using an infinity curve and some incandescent bulbs like in this instructional video!?!? Just a tip though..


    Anyway, love the white one…!!!

  14. Cod3rror says:

    Jay is the first guy ever that is happy to receive junk mail.

    What about brown coloured E6? Would be suitable. In fact Nokia should change from blue to brown.

    • IMarius says:

      man Nokia must be doing something right , i mean we are still popular enough to have trolls, like this arsehole, which shows people are still jealous of nokia products.

      Good time :)

    • stylinred says:

      a brown one would be nice the colour is very much in style especially in the higher-end; the e72 looked dazzling in brown

  15. Aaron says:

    Definitely white.

  16. stylinred says:

    black is ssoooo boring and typical

  17. Ravi says:

    My heart beats for black coloured phones.
    Remember the black E72. It is the sexiest Nokia phone to date.

  18. revalate says:

    white.would love a white N8 also

  19. Paul Grenfell says:

    The silver keys are hard to read, so im going for White..

  20. Chen Zhe says:

    I just bought a BH-905i (White) and waiting for the E6-00 (White)

  21. NT says:

    Sometimes the problem with SILVER nokia phones is that when the backlighting kicks in on the keypad, the number/letters on the keypad tend to blend in with the silver-colored keys on a medium lit room.

  22. sheridan01 says:

    I guess White as I have one :-)

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