Video and 101 Photo Gallery: Nokia E6-00 Outdoor Unboxing (and new camera test)

| June 20, 2011 | 42 Replies

As promised, here’s an unboxing of the Symbian Anna powered Nokia E6-00. This is the Black version which the majority of voters chose last time as their colour of choice; other options of course being white and silver.

Thanks to Paul and the folks at WOMWorld for sending us this trial unit. You can watch the unboxing in video form or take a gander at the photos. There’s two sets of unboxing photos actually, the first time I took some shots indoors and when I took some shots of the E6-00 outdoors, I thought I might as well try unboxing outside too.

There are quite a lot of photos as I’m testing out a new camera that I’ll be using for future device photos. I’ve got quite a lot to learn still, so forgive the multitude of repeat angles (much more was discarded).

Video here:


Check out MNB at



The Contents


– Usual affair:

  • UK charger (sliding top pin, nice design, makes it compact) – 2mm pin charger
  • MicroUSB – USB cable
  • Earphones with foam buds (not the nicer in ear ones)
  • BP-4L 1500mAh battery
  • No case (I’m sure there’s a leather case in some people’s E6-00 boxes :S)


Quick start up guide thingy

I’ll lump in some E6-00 shots in this post.


Now just playing around. It’s a very sexy looking, very photogenic handset. Quite a change from the early leaks when I thought it was plain ugly (though colour change and non-spy-pic helps)

Quick impression? Very, very solid device. You could thwart an intruder with one of these. Great build quality. Keys are surprisingly much more comfortable than I had expected (I’m not a user of this type of form factor device).

Powering on.

We’ll do more of these shots in the next two weeks. This was just an unboxing. First date on powerup is 31-05-11

The display is very sharp.

And the full 101 gallery (of 101 photos)


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  • great video/photo unboxing mate, got half way through the video and realised I was watching in 360p, 1080p looks much better when i switched view!!!

    look forward to see how you find the phone in normal day to day!

    • Jay Montano

      Cheers. It doesn’t look anything like the original video though as this was compressed quite a few times due to some rendering error. Was getting low memory errors even after fresh reboot with 6GB RAM free.

      Will swap my main sim in it tomo to see how I really get on with this as main phone :p

  • Daniel McGuire

    Jay, can you show a demo of things like text messaging and conversations on this device,( I want to see this because of the screen ratio is different to the rest of the ^3 phones) aswell as email, Internet and other business things about the phone

    The snaps look great I’m following you in twitter and I know you couldn’t wait to take some photos :L.

    • Jay Montano

      Sure thing, will get a demo of that some time this week.

      • Daniel McGuire

        Thanks Jay!! 🙂

  • So wonderful! I can’t wait to see the white version of E6 in China!

  • viipotttaja

    if i was on the market for a qwerty business phone and the email system would not matter (my employer supports bb only 🙁 ) there would be only one real contender to the E6: E6 in white!

  • Just Visiting

    The photos and video are very nice. I thought a possibility you were using the N8, until I read that you were using a new camera 🙂

    • Jay Montano

      Could have used the N8 but wanted to try out my Canon 60D – get some practice in for MeeGo and Windows Phone :p

  • Goc

    I would really love to get this phone to replace my aging E71 as my work phone, it looks amazing so far. Waiting to read a few reviews to see if it’s worth it.

    • Jay Montano

      It’s a very nice phone and Symbian Anna brings it up to pretty usable standards again I guess. Early days yet but I’m really liking it. Much more than the E7 oddly enough.

  • nfbsk

    How is the sunlight legibility?

    • Jay Montano

      Excellent. Just got back in (really sunny outside). It’s Steve Litchfield’s favourite TFT LCD.

  • stylinred

    black… so boring and typical (what every reviewer chose) 😛

  • Mo

    does anyone know if there is a difference between UK version and the US version?

  • Deep Space Bar

    SEXY device but why BLACK ….WHITE looks so much better :3

    • Jay Montano

      Why Black? Just prefer it I guess. I’ll see if I can get a white one.

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  • Arbegla

    Great shots you guys. The quality of the images and angles used are really nice! Keep it up! Looking forward to the whole review.

    • Jay Montano

      Thanks. Review might be up as soon as Friday, though most likely middle of next week. 🙂

  • EmmanuelM

    Great job Jay !! Thanks for this !

    • Jay Montano


  • Bharadwaj

    Awesome pictures mate ! 🙂

    • Jay Montano

      lol cheers. All in Automode haha. Safest setting now for gadget shots. :p

  • Mushfiq

    Awesome one of the best phones. Nokia

  • arts

    i feel unnatural that there are no negative comments for this post.

    • Jay Montano

      lol, they’re probably still just sleeping :p

  • Did you use your N8 for these pictures? and Can i repost there on my blog?

    • Jay Montano

      This was shot with a Canon 60D. Yeah, feel free to use a selection of pics.

  • * Did you use your N8 for these pictures? and can i repost this on my blog?

  • Gabriele

    I bought it one week ago.

    So far the problems are the notification LED which is way too weak, the fact that some applications (Social, for instance) don’t release the connection once closed, the light sensor that is too sensitive and often you have no light from the keyboard if you set a lower value. Also you don’t have any visual notification of e-mails if you don’t use the widget, and the audio is not very high during conversations.

    Good battery (4 days with the first charge), good display even in the sunlight, excellent GPS, good interaction through the touchscreen, excellent keyboard, excellent reception.

  • stylinred

    oh wanted to mention this but slipped my mind

    great photography work really professional!

    cant wait for a review on the unit

  • Ravi

    Absolutely gorgeous photos.
    This device is a beauty,doing its black magic on us. 🙂

    • Jay Montano

      It was a gorgeous device to snap, makes it easy when the thing in front of the camera looks great already :p

      Quite a change from early ugly spy pics :p

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  • Nik Rolls

    Great unboxing mate. Reminds me a bit of one of Engadget’s videos (it was about some pseudo-e-ink-LCD screen) that they filmed outside on a roof-top.

    Especially great with the different back-drops (stones, shrubbery, etc) … really makes it interesting to look at and is a huge difference from someone’s desk, or (even worse) their bed-sheets (not yours, but it does happen).

    • Jay Montano

      Thanks, the appreciation is very much appreciated :).

      I didn’t have my usual indoor set up so pics were pretty dark forcing me to go do what I used to do with N95/N800 and take photos of it outdoors :p

      Glad you like it, we might try this method of unboxing more whilst I’m not in Manchester (till September) and when we have sun :p

  • Jacky TImulanya

    Were you able to check if the reports of the E6 having call problems is present in the phone you have?

    Did you have any call problems like the others who have this problem?!/dw2/status/83099719907282944

    Please let us know if your phone is free from this bug so we can find out if all phones have this problem or just some phones have this problem.