Video: Nokia N9 video sample (and Damien Dinning talks about the N9 Camera) #imagingdoneright

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Markk117 found what appears to be a video sample from the newly announced Nokia N9.

This records 720p video at 30FPS with stereo audio recording.

Why not 1080p? Possibly a variety of reasons. I think Nokia may be reserving this for the N8 successor.   As you know, Nokia’s Imaging Guru, Damien Dinning is a stickler for getting things done just right. If it can’t be done properly, it’s reserved for another time (and hence as noted by Kyron, possible hardware limitations?)

The 8MP Carl Zeiss, 28mm wide angle true widescreen F2.2 aperture (better low light) with 720p 30FPS stereo recording.

Note the camera – true widescreen. It’s not a 12mp camera like N8 that switches from 12mp 4:3 and then goes to 9MP 16:9 – It is already set at 8MP, and apparently it sports an innovation where possibly in both 4:3 and 16:9 it is still 8MP.

PS for those who think there’s no noticeable difference with 24/30FPS check this out: Note however that 24/25/30 and above FPS has its own uses.

Today Damien’s been making/answering some tweets that reveal a little bit more about the Nokia N9 camera. There’s a lot of AWESOME stuff here that, being Nokia, was of course NOT mentioned in the launch. If they do this again with the Windows Phone (fail to sell the awesome features, I mean seriously not just hardware, the OS could have had an hour long presentation), I’magonna slap someone silly.

  • Yet to see anyone do 1080 properley.
  • Guys have done a damn good job with touch AF and cont AF in both stills and video (hurrah!)
  • flash due to size. Most powerful LED yet. There’s more to image quality than just pixels. (WOW, N86 really is super bright, and it’s more powerful than that?!)
  • In case you guys missed it #N9 records HD video with stereo audio 🙂
  • left right (when asked about the direction of the stereo microphones – I think this is better in providing more realistic ambience…things moving from left to right sound like they’re moving left to right. Like with the Nokia N93. What other camera phone records stereo audio and with the quality of Nseries?)
  • 12mp in that package size would have meant worse image/video quality, especially light
  • don’t get hung up on just specs. Yet to see anyone really provide a difference with 1080 vs decent 720 other than larger files.
  • Let’s put it this way, nothing is ever perfect and I’m a perfectionist 😉
  • #Nokia#N9 world’s first and only mobile with true 16:9 AND true 4:3 #imagingdoneright#innovation
  • the SENSOR supports both in a way NO OTHER mobile does.
  • what are you disappointed with? Lots to be delighted with 🙂
  • N8 sensor still the largest mobile sensor on the planet, but more to it than that.
  • It’s the combination of 13:9 sensor and fit to the optical image circle that allows us to do this.

Expect a full fledged article from Damien to explain exactly what’s happening with the N9 camera at Nokia Conversations, “more answers to that in a piece I’ve written for Nokia Conversations,coming soon.”

Anyway the folks at have managed to sneak the N9 away and have recorded this video. Possibly more to come that will really show off what this can do.

The world is waking up to photography and is SLOWLY getting more conscious about improving picture quality. I hope Nokia can make the buzz again around camera phone photography as this is one of Nokia’s strongest assets.

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