Anna? Belle? I don’t really want either- Do you?

| June 22, 2011 | 70 Replies

A new season?

After seeing MeeGo, and knowing full well that Windows Phone will eventually occupy the niche that Symbian (especially Symbian^3) inhabits coupled with the fact that S40 is now being given the Qt goodness, one has to wonder what Symbian’s place in the grand scheme of things is. Stephen Elop stated proudly at Nokia Connection that 10 new Symbian devices would be coming in the next year (I’d imagine that they’re all Symbian^3) and while that will likely increase the target market for developers coding in Qt S40 could serve that purpose just as well. Symbian Belle doesn’t even have an arrival date and anyone likely interested in that would certainly be eyeing and weighing up one those new-fangled N9’s.

So MeeGo for the high-end and enthusiasts means Symbian no longer fits there, S40 is slowly creeping up into the lower-midrange space and with Qt integration on the way it’ll not be long before they take over the realm that S^1 used to control and a region low-cost Android’s are invading leaving just the upper mid-range. Sadly, Symbian no longer dominates this area as more and more users switch to the iOS and Android ecosystems and hardware manufacturers continue to step their efforts up on that front. It also doesn’t help that as a mid-range, non-bleeding-edge solution Windows Phone will bring 80% of the functionality of Symbian with  150% the user experience and an increasingly worthwhile ecosystem.


My Perfect Scenario for Nokia (consumer perspective)

In my perfect little world, Nokia would put resources behind MeeGo as a skunkworks/concept car type of development to showcase the best and brightest of the technologies and ideas at Nokia. This would give Nokia a name, an identity as producing the best available hardware and software and certainly directing where the mobile industry goes just as Apple helped direct the touchscreen paradigm. Other manufacturers may adopt technologies that Nokia pioneers if it’s done well enough leading to benefits for Nokia in the long run re: patents and royalties. A device based on MeeGo or in a similar vein of development would be released once a year.

In addition, Symbian development would continue to the Belle stage but there would not be another Symbian device announced or demo-ed after Q3 2012 (even that is being generous IMO). Support would likely continue in a rudimentary fashion but it’d be more or less EOL-ed.

Windows Phone would move into the middle -to – upper range of what is now Symbian territory at least for the next 2-3 years while Nokia builds their next big thing to conquer what will likely be a very different market.

S40 will keep doing it’s little thing in emerging markets and as a start for a vertically integrated Nokia solution.



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  • Got mad with Nokia N9 because because i fall in love of this devices from yesterday and now i found bored with Nokia N8

  • Cod3rror

    Andre knows what he is talking about.

    As good as the N9 looks it’s simply an experimental phone.

    Nowadays, you don’t just buy a phone, you buy and tie into an ecosystem of apps, services and support.

    N9 has none of that, it’s like an unmanned tropical island in the middle of the ocean, if you like it, fine, however remember that what you have there is what you’ll get, don’t expect a Nokia ship to come rescue you.

    Symbian… sigh… I don’t know how many times do I have to repeat it, IS DEAD!

    It was dying before, in February they killed it, then hesitated, then the customers killed it for them. It’s a finished platform.

    They just handed it over to the third party, when a company cares about it’s product it does not give it to somebody else.

    Nokia simply washed their hands of it.

    If they add Qt to S40 and 1GHz processors AND most importantly keep it low priced, it’ll be competitive.

    The mid and high range will be filled with WP7.

    And experimental will be MeeGo.

    WP7 has a chance to succeed even though it’s not popular right now, for a simple reason, Microsoft is standing behind it and they’ll keep investing into it, it’s crucial for them. Remember the first Xbox? No one thought the Xbox would ever hang with the PlayStation.

    They need a lot of work on it though, even with Mango it still won’t be there, it’ll need another 2-3 updates, integrating Nokia Maps, etc… to catch up, but it has a potential.

    Imagine if Nokia released a WP7 phone with the N9 design and dual core hardware. It would really stand a chance against Android and the iPhone.

    Right now though…

    N9/MeeGo = Unmanned island.
    Symbian = DEAD!
    WP7 = Potential.
    S40 = Potential.

    • Cod3rror

      As for the thread title.

      Expect Anna to get delayed to September/October. And Belle somewhere around 2012-2013.

      And that’s in the best case, Nokia might not even release those updates at all.

    • Bosh


      I really like you’re style on this post, no rants, no destructive comments.

      I agree with the Meego/WP7/S40 strategy, and the Meego-like hardware powered WP7 would be an awesome device 😀

    • Hypnopottamus

      +1. As much as it may hurt, people need to wake up to these facts.

      I will add, in addition to MeeGo being an unmanned island, it is also unproven. How well does it browse the internet? How well does it handle email? Is social networking functional (and usable)? Given Nokia’s track record lately (w/ Symbian^3) there is much to be skeptical about. People need to realize what they get w/ the N9 and N950 they’ll have to live with. These devices may NEVER get updates being that MeeGo is just an “experimental” OS on “experimental” devices.

    • Johnny Tremaine

      I do agree that with the official hand-off, as reported today, of Symbian employees over to Accenture, an outsourcing sweat-shop, it marks the end of Symbian development.

      I wouldn’t count my chickens, so to speak, on Accenture rolling out software improvements.

  • OF COURSE I still WANT Belle! And Anna! What the hell were you thinking?

    I didn’t purchase this phone just to be left by the company. I want ALL updates possible. This is Symbian’s last shot at the mobile industry and it must be the best possible “goodbye”. They need to make it perfect. I DO want Belle, and I DO want Anna. I am NOT purchasing any other of their phones any soon if they simply ditch the platform and stop the updates, and of course if they do that I will also stop supporting them and stop telling my friends about how great their phones are.

    Actually, if they ever do that, I’ll keep my N8 for its goodness and awesomeness (but sad without updates, new UI and Anna), and then purchase an iPhone 5 without thinking too much about it.
    There are plenty of people who ask me recommendations of phones, specially of Nokia phones. And I always suggest the best Nokia phones for them and mention updates. And I reiterate that if Nokia ever decides to drop Belle and Anna for Symbian, they sure will lose many of their supporters. Why would I recommend anyone a phone that has got their support dropped? Whenever someone would come at me asking for a great device with multiple functionality, “Nokia” would not even come to my mind. I could say anything but not WP7 or Nokia.

    If that ever happens, the only chance they would ever get to make me purchase ANY of their phones would be if they make MeeGo “ultra zomg incredible and magical” and filled with plenty of games and apps.

    BUT. That is all SUPPOSITIONS. None of this is true, so I just keep all my support to this company that is bringing their users great (and necessary) updates and trying to show the best out of Symbian before it gets to its end of life and eventual shading.

    There is a considerable number o people who have already purchased Symbian phones thanks to me.

    Saying you don’t want Anna or Belle is the same as saying you don’t want new “HD” games from Gameloft, or saying you don’t want new apps for the phone, or saying you don’t want any updates to make any software better.

    Software lives out of updates. Imagine if Gravity just decided they’re done with Symbian and stopped releasing constant updates? We wouldn’t have Youtube video support, images preview, tweets translation, twitter server and compatibility updates, link redirection previews, portrait qwerty keyboard (oh, the irony – look at where you are without Anna), and many other great features. The same goes for any other apps, and any software.

    Yeah, MeeGo may look better. But that is NOT a reason to drop support to any other of their phones.

    It’s like saying “hey, the iPhone looks pretty cool, look at those slick animations. Let’s just stop making phones and telling everyone to support iOS because it looks better than our platform”.


  • Bilal Anwar

    using Symbian Anna browser in my 5800. Guys its very fast and it really worth waiting. Love watching videos in it.

  • Aaron

    All this hype around the MeeGo UI HAS to be good for Symbian. For starters, apps written in Qt for Meego will be able to be ported to Symbian without much hassle. #2, Seeing how the press is splooging all over Meego’s interface, Symbian Belle will probably (or hopefully) learn a thing or two from it’s big brother.

    I just blew a ton of money on an N8 earlier this year and can’t hardly afford to piss away more money on a phone, so I’m hoping that Nokia is able to rally some more support around Qt and give us a somewhat similar UI. The existing Belle screenshots are damn promising.

  • OK, So i’m basically wanting to go into app development more than i have been and so to that end, I porbably will buy a symbian 3 device – right now it would be an N8 (yes, i don’t have symbian 3 yet) and probaby in July when they at least ship with Anna. Ultimatley, My experince of Symbian is that yes, it needs a fair bit of work and Belle should bring that, but it still has somethings I can’t get anywhere else (once i switch my N900 for N9). I will also get a Windows Phone and sell my HD2 probably early 2012.

    One thing that is completely the case is that you get used to a certain way of working on a device and actually, none of these is likely to replace well one of my major uses of my N900, but I am looking forward to trying all these things out, if i can afford it.

  • FedUp

    I am currently using an Android Touchscreen phone and really miss the tactile feedback you get from buttons. Can’t wait till the full touchscreen fad dies down a little.

    The Nokia E6 looks likely to be my next phone as there aren’t that many choices when it comes to the Qwerty Candybar form factor. So, unless Nokia releases a Meego or WP7 phone in this form factor, my next phone will be Symbian. So, off course I will want the Symbian Belle update. Symbian may be a dead platform, but that’s all that we (the qwerty candybar loving crowd) got going for us at the moment.

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