Nokia C5-00 5MP, revamped C5.

| June 29, 2011 | 27 Replies

With all the news about the N9 and leaked Belle prototype units the news about an improved C5-00 has passed us by a bit. Nokia didn’t really make a whole load of fuss about it either since it was quitly launched through their press channel.

However the way this new and improved C5 came into the world doesn’t matter, what does matter is the C5 itself.

Key features

  • Improved camera, 3.2MP to 5MP. (Still an EDoF unit though)
  • A bump in internal memory from 50MB to 270MB
  • More RAM, now 256MB instead of 128MB
  • Runs Symbian S60v3.2

Eventhough it’s a device most of our readers won’t jump out of their seats for, it is a rather compelling device. Styled in an modest way, comes with OVI Maps 3.4 (or Nokia Maps whatever you want to call it) and thus lifetime free navigation and with the uprated RAM and internal memory it’s a much more flexibile device that can last at least a couple of years.

So if calling and SMS is your priority and you want just a little bit extra, then the C5 is a real contender.

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  1. Pras says:

    Have the original C5-00 and wouldn’t trade it for any of the new devices :) Though my ONLY complaint is the magical ” NO incoming message tone” once the inbox messages cross some 2000 mark.
    This, coupled with the very outdated policy of limiting stored “SENT” msges to 999 means that i’ve to constantly prune my messages <__<
    This means threaded sms application like "i-sms" has empty conversations after some time!!

    I believe both of the above remain a problem rooted in the symbian architecture and continues in Symbina^3 too [According to other users]

  2. Vikas Patidar says:

    This device is definately targeted for low end market and it should be available in india between the 5500 to 7500 Rs.

  3. Gary H says:

    I really like this phone. I wish they would for a version in Touch And Type. Lose the D pad, extend the screen…..

  4. Richard says:

    I hope N8 will have a revamp memory! When Symbian Anna or Symbian Belle are released.

    • Antonio says:

      Well, they would have to recall all of the N8s ever sold to either replace or change the RAM module on the phones.

      So, that’s not going to happen unless they release a new N8. Hardware updates can’t be made (at least until now) to already on market phones.

  5. zonk0r says:

    right, now just revamp my n95

    capacitive touch, 64GB internal and n8 camera and a dual core for faster browsing, with the new webkit browser.. job done

  6. gordonH says:

    Why no wi-fi? A smartphone without Wi-fi hogs your money and time on your data tariffs.
    So stupid of Nokia. The first C5 was already looking tempting as a backup phone or a purchase of low-tech family members. The thought of setting up a smartphone without wifi put me off the purchase.

    • asdf says:

      Well it is a low end phone after all. I also wonder how much it matters that the engineers are from Finland, since mobile data plans are a lot more generous than some parts of the world. I pay about 9 euro/month on unlimited/unmetered data transfers.

  7. madhu says:

    i wish to get it with a dual sim fecility with out copromising on the existing features & quality, of course with an auto focus main camara…
    shall we get it???,

  8. Tushar says:

    how much maximum downloading speed is possible with 3g network for this phone?

  9. Deepu says:

    Pata Nahi

  10. Deepu says:

    dont buy this mobile because pata nahi

  11. Deepu says:

    rellay buy this because , i have buy 2 ph. n good

  12. nindi says:

    i got downloading speed max 59 kb/s & average about 30

  13. Karan25i says:

    In 3g i got 756 KBPS till now in reliance gsm.

  14. Manu says:

    In 3g .. I at 3.2 mbps plan I was getting downloading speed of 500 kbps… 100 mb downloaded in 7 mins..

    It has 3g speed upto 10.2 mbps..

    multitasking and everything works great but its demerit is it has no wifi…

    everyting else is great

  15. jd says:

    hmmm… no wifi not good these days….
    its a terse phone to use, software and function needs more thought. Hardware is good, beyond the software installed.
    Nice little package though.

  16. UG says:

    how can i differentiate between the former c5 and the present physically?

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