Nokia N9 coming soon? (Well, to Sonera’s portfolio, whatever ‘soon’ means)

| July 4, 2011 | 15 Replies

One of the many details omitted from the Nokia N9’s launch was a definitive release. date. Speculations suggest September. Elop at that leaked Sea-Ray video mentioned “we have so much to deliver and launch…N9 launching BY the end of the year”.


One of the things Elop said Nokia will try to avoid is long waits after launches. I’m not sure if this was meant to be for all devices or just Windows Phone. X7/E6 has taken two months, quite a while but remarkably faster than, say, N8 or E7 (tough C6-01 was ready after 1 month)

Sonera, one of the main networks/carriers in Finland have listed the Nokia N9 as coming ‘soon’ to their portfolio. Soon is very subjective and means quite little to jaded Nokia fans (and their ‘coming soon’ PR2.0). Could we see N9 as soon as August? (It’s in Finnish so there might be a translation error)

Again, you can check here for availability:

Cheers for the tip, Eero.


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  • Cocco Bill

    The translation is correct. And on top of the page, on a purple box, beside the three N9s it literally says:

    “New magnificent Nokia N9 is soon here.”

    I would like to think that “soon” here won’t mean no more than 8 weeks. August would still be soon I guess, but September isn’t soon anymore. To me personally soon would be this month, July.

  • Dracula

    Well, Sonera is little slow in this race. Saunalahti, another phone operator of Finland inside Elisa Network have put the special page in there site from the very first day when it was announced.
    It even had the priced tag (20kpl Nokia N9-600€) for few days.

    And next electronics store Gigantti has advanced booking page for Nokia N9 with the price tag 799€ for both 16GB and 64GB version.

    So I think that price will also changed a bit and delivery date also (not like shown in site 02/02/2222) xD

  • JD!

    What soon??? I want it NOW !!!

    Lauch it in India… iPhone is here… Samsung SGS II is here and can be seen in all tv channels!

    Where are you Nokia??? You purposefully killing urself πŸ™

  • Eero

    Well there is also another Finnish operator besides Saunalahti and Sonera, who has a “Sign here and we’ll notify you when N9 arrives”-site But they dont use such words as “coming soon” unlike Sonera, which can mean nothing or then Sonera knows something we dont.

  • Usedtolovemeegoandnokia

    I was playing a few games on a friend’s Galaxy S over the weekend and really enjoyed it.

    For the first time ever, I, the most hardcore of all Nokia fanboys, is considering jumping ship. It’s world ahead of my N8 and now retired N900.

    I can fully understand why people jump shop now. It has nothing to do with Nokia’s superior gps and photographic abilities. It’s all about the size, screen quality and app catalogue.

    • mj

      Depends on what is important to you, my photos and build quality are important to me. Nothing beats the N8 in that. πŸ™‚

      • Usedtolovemeegoandnokia

        I love my N8 but the browser sucks especially compared to the N900 browser. Qt was supposed to be the pathway that brought more Maemo/MeeGo functionality to S^3 but that’s all out the window now. Rarely do we see porting happening either way.

        I also envy all the great games other platforms have. At least the N900 could hack games from other platforms to work on it and run really great emulators for older systems.

  • Vikas Patidar

    N9 is not for us. I think elop is still pondering to blow up some Symbian phones here. But Samsung is really gathering crowd from top to bottom. I think price along with old Series 60 are the factors killing themselves.

  • Vikas Patidar

    N9 is not for India yet. I think elop is still pondering to blow up some Symbian phones here. But Samsung is really gathering crowd from top to bottom. I think price along with old Series 60 are the factors killing themselves.

  • SirraH77

    I entered my info on all of those forms… I really hope soon is only few weeks away πŸ™‚

  • kevin

    Aww, that’s cute, you guys actually believe the N9 will be released shortly. Too bad the CEO works for Microsoft, the N9 is ready but Elop won’t release it before their first WP7/Nokia phone because people will ask questions like “Why are you switching to WP7 when Meego/Maemo is already complete” or “The N9 is selling quite well, are you starting to doubt your WP7 strategy” It is very easy to predict Nokia’s strategy, just ask yourself what would be best for Microsoft/WP7? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the N9 released AFTER the first Nokia/WP7 phone.
    -Announce the N9 will launch without support… check.
    -Availability in only the smallest markets… cehck.
    -Delay the release… check.

    • Mendax

      It doesn’t look like the release is being delayed, especially if you compare it to the release of the N8.

      As I understand it, the N9 will come to all markets around the same time (late August/early-mid September). There have already been indications that the countries in Nokia’s availability list aren’t necessarily the only ones that will see the device:for instance, US and UK blogs have had a chance to get exclusive hands-on time with the device, Danish (and other) operators have announced that they will carry the device, etc.

      The carriers know about it and the developers are hard at work coding apps with their N950s. But it is definitely going according to (Elop’s?) plan of downplaying the launch/release of the device to make people think it will be delayed.

  • Mad

    I asked Movistar (major Spanish mobile operator) on availability of the N9. Told me that would be sold unlocked. That is, it seems that, YES, could be sold in Spain (I guess other countries too), but without operator lock.

  • Hooryder

    my N900 is dying. I need this phone 64gb Cyan.

  • Adonis

    How much is Nokia N9 64GB? and where can I buy it in Ivory Coast