Symbian Belle drop down status bar – Belle looking MeeGo-Harmattan ‘swipe’ like.(Update)

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@Harkison tweeted us the image above (without the notes) he found from some Qt Quick guidelines. As you can see, this is for Symbian Belle (note the position of the icons on the top status bar as opposed to MeeGo-Harmattan – it’s split in the latter)

Here you can see, as noted by Jussi and other Nokia staff, essences of what we’ve seen in N9 MeeGo-Harmattan phone lives on in other future devices. Note, tThe newer, contextual ‘bottom bar’.

The list is already MeeGo like, with the > signifying further options available. What’s interesting here is the pull down status bar.

  • Drag it down for quick settings. At the top are some quick switches to turn on/off data, bluetooth, wifi and I think profiles (though it looks like GPS sign, no?)
  • Below you have missed calls and messages, possibly appearing on homescreen too like in N9/N950.
  • Below that again are current ongoing activities. Here demoed is an upcoming alarm and some emails that are currently being download. I’d expect app download/bluetooth transfer to show itself here. A bit like how Maemo 5 handles drop down stuff.
It’s a good unified UI approach.
The Qt Quick guidelines may reveal more stuff about Belle. I can’t seem to find that document though.
Update, we got a further link containing images of further evidence suggesting that Symbian Belle will indeed be very similar to the swipe UI on the N9
Log in screen
Multiple checklists
Interactive scrollbar
More can be found here I strongly suggest you read it
Thanks to Karol for the heads up

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  • MoritzJT


    Even Stelop

    Deadlines will be hit in all projects :D:D:D

    • Shihuzaan

      what does that mean?

      • MoritzJT

        Nothing, it’s just an internal joke…

        • Mike

          Actually, no, it is not a joke.

    • Deep Space Bar

      so that mean ANNA will come next week then….FUCK…more questions now 🙁

      • MoritzJT

        I don’t think thats transferable… Someone made this one up for fun 😉

        • Deep Space Bar

          better be and bad news we get PR2.0 in next month O.O like WTF

        • Mike

          It is a well known fact that Symbian Belle will be the update which brings the new Qt and QML based UI to Symbian. Qt Quick Components for the Symbian was released yesterday, so all the pieces needed are starting to be there now.

          Note that I am NOT working at Nokia, so I do not have any inside knowledge. But I am a Symbian and Qt application developer, so I do follow things like these closely.

          Those screenshots do look like the IUI is made using Qt Quick Components, and that is exacrly what is expected.

          This, and much more, is pretty much what you can expect from Symbian Belle. I really don’t think this is any joke or hoax etc.

    • Lloydo

      That is golden. Good find!

  • NokiaRulZ

    Woooooow. Fucking awesome. I was expecting this im my dreams,but now here it is

    • Rex

      That’s the good news.

      Bad news is we’d have to wait probably Q2~Q3 2012 to get it on current devices.

      • Rex

        Maybe i’m too optimisitc.. Probably Q4 2012 ~ Q1 2013; considering Anna still isn’t out yet.. =.=

        • Paul Grenfell

          Yeah, Anna for N8 here in Oz, pending Carrier approval, anywhere from Sept2011-Feb2012,at least – then Belle Q3 2012 to Q1 2013

      • jim

        Nothing coming after Belle I imagine, and they have stated updates until 2016. SO 2016 for Belle it is!

        • john smith

          considering there are still 10 or so more symbian phones to come out, i imagine belle will be available for the general public AFTER all these 10 are that could be around 2012-2013 tbh…at least. then some smaller updates till 2016.

          but hey im planning to keep my n8 for a loooong time…and anna/belle will make my phone seemed like i just bought it 🙂

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  • Hamo Hapic

    I had some wild luck to hold in my hand some prototype nokia with symbian belle, and it was amazing. OS is much much better than PR1.2 or Anne, well, it’s completely differente than current versions. So many things impoved and changed. I have few pics of the device, but I vas asked not to show them to anyone. But I’m glad to know where is symbian going, and even if it is going down it’s going with guns blazing 🙂

  • Magister

    I find the quick switch for Wifi intriguing… Will Symbian still be able to activate Wifi only on demand (i.e. when an app needs it)?

  • Paul Grenfell

    Major carrier Telstra in Australia hasnt yet released PR1.1..Anna? who knows when? Belle? Strewth, will half of those N8s be still around when its released? Mine wont be,,The only way to get Belle early, is to buy a new handset, but with N9 Harmattan and W7 phones almost due, i guess you could say Belle is well and truly overdue..Ah well, better late than never..
    Carrier delays are the biggest problem..

    • john smith

      hey good news for you telstra cumstomers! if u look up the software update section, they note that pr 2.0 will be out julyish…

      i think they couldn’t be bothered with the pr 1.1/1.2 updates, but the 2.0 is just too big of an update to ignore…

  • Rex

    Damn.. I’m really liking what i’m seeing. Though i really don’t dare to get my hopes up too high cause i know by the time this comes out, my plan will expire and it’ll be time for me to get a new phone.

    By then most probably there’ll be a nice N8 sucessor running S^3. Or maybe not cause i think eLOPE will NEVER allow great hardware for anything other then windows mobile. And personally i’ll never use WP7; just didn’t like it at all after 1 month of usage.

    Bottom line i can only pray and hope that Belle comes out in time so i can experience S^3 in all its glory before my plan expires and switch over to android..

    • Paul Grenfell

      Ive tried W7, and it doesnt appeal to me at all, but thats just me..Belle is too late , as my plan will be obsolete as well. Am going N9..

  • oho

    I don’t know, but I actually don’t feel current devices might be able to handle all these improvements with their current processor, that’s why newer devices are having 1GHz processors.

    What I guess so is that these devices will get a middle update between Anna and Belle, which will have some improvements from Belle but not all, but it will also be a lot better than Anna.

    • john smith

      yeah that’s what im afraid of….if you look at the ‘leaked’ pics of 7 or so symbian belle phones, they ALL have 1 GHz processor…wonder if the 680MHz is enough…….

  • jim

    How about we start with a portrait qwerty. Come on Nokia, you can do it. Baby steps now.

    • Paul Grenfell

      Ha ha.. yes..anywhere to be seen?

    • Mike

      Check your information, Symbian Anna has it, and split screen keyboard too.

  • N9 ecosystem

    Looking for the next symbian belle flagship

  • Adil

    Cool Same Like Android Status bar 😛

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  • Arbegla

    I personally think the way Symbian^3 handles notifications is fine. Instead of a silly drop down menu, a simple tap on the area to reveal more information will work better for one handed usage. It’s faster, cleaner and increases productivity. The increased options would certainly help though.

    • Arbegla

      The new interface looks very N9 esque which is perfect. Add swipe gestures to it and you’ll start winning back customers Nokia.

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  • El Marko

    Symbian Belle!? When’s that update likely to drop? 2013? For how many years will Nokia’s customers have to put up with hearsay about updates that don’t arrive?

    I call it Symbian Anna “Symbian Sasquatch” and Symbian Belle is “Symbian Loch Ness.” Rumored. Possibly-doctored photos and videos. Not actually seen, in the wild. Certainly not available to Nokia’s paying customers.

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  • Muchas gracias, esta muy completo el articulo.


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