Symbian Anna – Aimed availability for everyone by end of August

| July 7, 2011 | 74 Replies

For those who have waited, and have waited long, patience for Anna is wearing thin. We finally heard of a definitive date (as opposed to “soon/in coming months/QuarterX”) during Nokia Connection.

Anna would appear on N8/C7/E7 in July for new shipping handsets, BUT for current users, you have the bonus of waiting a little bit longer in August.


Early August? Maybe not. Nokia tweets that the aim is that availability for everyone by the end of August.  So let’s remanage expectations NOT for early or Mid-August. P.S. September is still Q3 (the first actual time period given for Anna).

I’m looking forward to the update as I could actually stomach using the default browser now (and not always resorting to Opera Mobile) and the draggable homescreen, makes a difference to the overall experience to the homescreen.


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  • Magister

    This is officially the new vaporware of 2011!

  • James

    This means mid September for the USA phones 😉

  • spbond

    by now every nokia stockholder should have understood that elop is clearly a trojan.
    We will have a big laugh when the second quarter results go public
    if i had elop infront of me i would make only one question.Ποσο μαλακας εισαι τελικα

    • ZiPA

      Why is that? Especially since the CEO is selected and appointed by the Board of Directors and every major decision has to be approved by them as well. And the Board of Directors are appointed by the stockholders, so what you are suggesting, is that the major Nokia stockholders are intent on destroying a company that they own the majority of.

      Yea, that makes perfect sense… *rolleyes*

  • Neil

    Vodafone will probably allow me to install this by December.

  • Markk117

    too late, and belle?

    • rafiii

      Note before march 2012 if we’re extremely lucky.

      • miki69

        I thought Nokia would reveal first Belle devices in OCT during their conference?

  • Schneider

    What a bunch of crybabies we have here. Wah wah, not gettin’ updates to my phone, it sucks, I’ll buy another phone that can give me updates.

    I’m actually satisfied with it as it is, updates are welcome when they come. Updates seem to be a new factor when buying a phone nowadays.

    A manufacturer could release the world’s best phone in just about all categories and still not get it sold if they announced that they wouldn’t give it updates.

    Wah wah wah, no updates, sadface, gonna cry, fu, never again, wah wah. It’s not even useful updates, it’s just that people nowadays get BORED if they don’t get updates.

    • Stillwaters r.d.

      the reason why everybody is complaining is the fact that the anna update will give you things that should have been there from the start (like portrait qwerty, a good browser etc.). And it’s just ridiculous how long it takes to give consumers this simple update

      • Schneider

        T9 is superior in portrait and only dumb people need qwerty because can’t figure out how T9 works.

        The Anna browser won’t be good either so why pretend like that’s what you’re waiting for?

        Just install opera mobile, done.

        Admit it, you’re just bored that you don’t get updates for your phone. Find something else to do, work perhaps? Iinstead of pressing F5 (update) on all mobile phone blogs in belief that you’ll find something “fun”.

        • Mapantz

          I’m with Schneider on this one. Everybody just moans and moans about waiting for an update. What about all those people with Nokia’s that don’t even get a big update like this? I didn’t get a single firmware update when i had an N97, but i didn’t care! Android’s don’t get as many updates as Nokia’s. iPhone don’t even get updates as quickly as Nokia’s, and there’s only 5 Apple phones. It’s about time that more people realised what goes in to writing these updates, and how difficult it is to do it quickly. Not to mention, that the Anna update will be different across all the devices that will receive it. Sit back and wait patiently.

          • Bosh

            Why don’t you get it? It’s not that hard.

            If Nokia had released the fucking portrait qwerty and a good web browser as Android and iOS have nobody would be complaining about the updates.

            And T9 sucks, it’s better than the normal keyboard layout but never than querty, why would be better to type more keys and search for the word you try to write instead of just wrinting it from the start? (and using less ‘clicks’)

        • Stillwaters r.d.

          T9 superior?


        • ZiPA

          Major disagreement. Even on N8’s rather narrow screen I find portrait QWERTY way superior to T9.

        • Hypnopottamus

          T9 better than full keyboard? Opera Mobile? You’re a fucking joke. Nice try, but FAIL!

  • Ray Hipkiss

    Why do people keep banging on about the processor when it’s the shit RAM that slows the N8 down? You can overclock the CPU as much as you like, but 256 MB of RAM is still going to slow you down and cause lag.
    Belle looks pretty shit to me. Android clone. Crap.

    • Mapantz

      My N8 doesn’t slow down.
      You’ve just received the troll of the year award.

      • Bosh

        Actually he’s right. Yesterdar I was playing a 15 minute video that I have just recorded and the video application close and give me an “not enough memory” message. So basically he’s not trolling, just the plain truth.

        Oh, and btw, I just had the Nokia Battery Monitor in the background when playing the video.

  • outdated os

    Apple started this update thingy. Remove simple functionalities then make a circus of introducing them thru updates with matching flashy presscons.

  • Babis

    if they start end of august then by september will reach most of us
    november was out the c7 and n8
    is almost one year

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  • Nokia er lort!

    I bet you that we won’t get an N8 update for loyal customers before near Christmas 2011.

    During the last year we don’t get anything from Nokia – except lots of delays and even more disappointments

  • Loser

    Im waiting for symbian Anna too and I would really love to get it immedeatly. I just hope that you good people here consider this : Its the middle of summer. Especially here in Nokialand where cold and long winter take its toll most people are now in summer holiday. July is the main holiday season here because summer is shorter than in most countries. I think this is one of the reasons that the release is in August and not in July.

    And another and maybe even much more important thing. If you like your N8 now, you surely will like it even better when Anna arrives. But if you dont like it, then its not gonna turn the world around and transform it to something completely different.

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  • erome61


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  • Faisal

    I think this another promise from NOKIA, on the end of august the will tell us that the update will available on the last quarter of 2011….NOKIA now is the company with not trust on the market for after sales service for their customers…. (nokia user)



    I will leave from Symbian to Android, Because Nokia support is zero, sorry for NOKIA

    a little updates, …

    And I am sure the update Belle dont release for S^3,

    Bye Symbian – Hello Android