Nokia Q2 2011 results coming today

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Nokia’s Q2 2011 results are expected today, 21st July 2011.

  • We’re not really expecting any good news. Nokia back in May already issued profit warnings, unable to give targets for 2011.
  • During the transition to this new WP strategy, losses in market share were expected, with things getting worse before they begin to get any better again.
  • One thing we have to look at is Nokia’s portfolio. Are you surprised given what Nokia is trying to sell compared to what everyone else is flaunting? Losing ground at the low end to cheaper Asian manufactures, lost ground at the high end with iOS and Android and mid-range severely threatened too by Android.
  • Only the N9 and N8 are really of any merit. Possibly E6 and C7. But N9 is the only one with the pretty much complete modern appeal, fit for 2011. It’s already been a month since launch. That might be out late Q3, too late to make any difference for Q3 profits too.
  • Some fears for today might be Nokia making a loss in the handset division.
  • Another is being dethroned as number 1 mobile phone manufacturer by Samsung AND Apple.
  • Last quarter, Nokia sold 24M. Apple 18M. This quarter, Apple sold 20M. Even if Nokia fails to grow they’d beat Apple (in VOLUME sales, not profits), but would Nokia be able to sustain 24M?Engadget put Samsung’s q2 phone sales (smartphone and feature phone) at 19M. Nokia’s Feature phone sales per quarter is over 100M in Q1.
  • Profit wise, any hope that 650M from Apple will help Nokia even just a little bit? Was that already paid?

Here are some interesting posts over the past few months with some suggestions on where things were going wrong:

Alternatively this has has nothing to do with any errors festering in Nokia over the years. It’s all very much the fault of one man. If things were so good at Nokia and all Elop needed to do was stick with the old strategy, why did Nokia fire OPK and bring in the first ever non Finn to rule? Just US stockholder pressure? Could they be that short sighted to force Ollila and the boards hands to push Nokia from recovery to death? Or were things much worse and recovery only skin deep?
On the horizon – when things start to pick up:
  • Nokia N9 (Nokia’s ‘high end’)
  • Nokia Wx SeaRay (The first WP)
  • Other members of Nokia WP Family (Something hopefully with N8 camera. Shame we won’t see proper super high end WP from Nokia possibly till 2012)
  • 1GHz S40 phones (More aggressive low end)
  • 1GHz Belle Sisters (at least 4 – more aggresive low-mid range phones)
  • 80M GBP campaign to reposition Nokia brand.
Only Q4 really has any hopes of a start in decline. Bad news is pretty much too late and set in stone for Q3. Furthermore, only in 2012 should things begin to look good again for Nokia.
Hopes? Short term we can wade it out, survive the negativity and emerge well in the long run. It’s still possible.

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