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We received an email a while ago asking if we wanted to try out something called an e-cloth Phone and MP3 pouch.

Supposedly, it’s not just a pouch, but being made of e-cloth material, it can clean your screens too. Furthermore, the e-cloth doesn’t seem to be any normal material, “This is a product developed from e-cloth the award winning cleaning product that requires just water to remove up to 99% of bacteria.” I think I’ve seen some products like this in store – kill off bacteria just with cloth and water. This one apparently doesn’t use interwoven silver, instead using van der Waals forces produced by the microfiber to grasp bacteria/dust/dirt. After a while, give it a wash.

You can find out the details here:

The e-cloth material aside, this is a cloth pouch that can be used to protect your gadgets. I used to use these a lot as I wasn’t a fan of putting my phone in a case (but then I tended to misplace them whenever I took it off).

The packaging is simple, clear plastic.

The inside card gives more details.

Now to the pouch. The texture is like most other microfibre cloths, e.g. ones from the opticians.

Anyone who cares about their phone screen should try and use only microfibre clothes to wipe their displays as even tissue paper can cause tiny scratches (even gorilla glass – ignore those tests that show knives and keys apparently NOT denting screens)


It’s somewhat a large pouch for something as small as the C3-01.

It makes a good fit for big screened phones.

Or chunky phones.

It’s a pretty good fit for a superzoom camera


This would also happily fit those portable chargers (Proporta uses a pouch) as well as portable hard drives.

It’s a simple enough draw string arrangement. Pop the gadget in, pull the  strong to close.






The inside of the pouch seems strong enough. This is what makes contact with the phone screen.

Close up.

This is priced at £4.99 on their website, and they list availability at a lot of UK stores, like Tesco, Comet, Waitrose etc. £2.99 is about the price of a generic pouch. Note £1.99 is the price of microfibre cloths. This is a two in one type thing.

The only thing I’d want is possibly more options on the design. It’s OK. I mean, O2 would love all of these droplets. Matches their bubbles design.

There’s no direct link to their product page, but you can browse (search for MP3)


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