Could/Should Nokia abandon Windows Phone and get back to MeeGo?

| July 31, 2011 | 131 Replies

Ville Aho wrote a blog post with an intruiging title I’ve seen more as a demand than a question in our comments,

Could Nokia abandon Windows Phone and go back to MeeGo?

Essentially – Should Nokia Do it? Why should they do it? Can they do it even if they wanted to?

Some questions the post asks:

How destructive would it be to Nokia to turn back now? But would it be too late to do anything if they don’t act now?
Are all of Nokia’s eggs in the MS basket? Ville reminds us that Nokia has three pillars in place.
“Remember that the new strategy has three pillars: smartphones, next billion and future disruptions. Therefore instead of viewing the N9 as the last MeeGo product in the smartphone’s category you should rather think of it as the first product in the future distruption’s category. “

Though not mentioned, could Symbian still be a part of the contingency plan?

Of course, as a Nokia fan, I’m ever hopeful the three pillar strategy with Windows Phone will work. I agree with Ville’s comments that to Nokia, the sales of current WP is irrelevant – it doesn’t exist to them and they’ll be the ones restarting it – with their best effort on WP and not an afterthought (as such we have seen much more effort from manufacturers to produce new updated hardware – e.g. SGSII hardware from Sammy- would they have stepped in without Nokia?)

Looking at the bright side, there’s good progress with Windows Phone Mango. Whilst symbian powerfans used to multitude of features and customizability might have to wait until Tango or Apollo (and thus WP is not for them) it IS a good OS for new smartphone users looking for a great experience out of the box. It is a good addition to Nokia’s portfolio of offerings.

The concern of some readers are – whilst WP might be good, what can Nokia offer over other manufacturers? Great design? Great Build? Core mapping features? (though maps goes to all WP, Nokia handsets must definitely be having some extra) Great Cameras? Great Reception? Great screens? Concentrated effort? (Note – the current belief right now amongst the WP whispers is that Nokia’s leading WP might not appear until next year – the one with the Nokia stamp as that’s the one they’d have time to develop – the real fruits of the MS-Nokia partnership. The ones coming in October would be more mid-high. Not ideal, but it might be the best that could be pulled given the time of WP adoption.

Oh BTW, here’s another great read from Randall. How it’s not all completely over for Nokia, despite many already drafting their funeral speeches for the giant at Espoo.



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