Foursquick, Google+ and Battery page N9/N950 screenshots and screenshot app for MeeGo-Harmattan

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Some screenshots from N9/N950 (Post from Sunday afternoon, publishing Monday to give our server a break and to lessen these intermittent downtimes…)

The first three found after trawling the twitter page of @colmsmyth

The first shows Google+ mobile app in the browser.

This one is foursquick, recently released for N9/N950.

Here’s the battery life indicator page. Lots of info about your battery and battery life. He tweets that the battery life is good.

#N950 has great battery life, its almost 1am and its been off charge since 7:30am yesterday”

Not sure what the usage was like.

Note, N9 has 1450mAh battery, whilst N950 only has 1320. AMOLED screen of N9 might even save a bit more power when a lot of black in on show.

Now how to takes screenshots? I’m assuming the N950 retains thte Ctrl+Shift+P from N900 (as mentioned in his tweets).

There’s already a screenshot app apparently for N9 which of course would not have a keyboard. Tweeted by @Brendansch and @Nokia_Fan



The implementation is pretty interesting. Just cover the device briefly to screenshot. Possibly using the proximity sensor (as with N900 and a few proximity sensor apps, like ShortCutD)


update: Here’s another web app of GetGlue. These web apps look pretty good.


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