White Nokia N9 spotted again?

| August 9, 2011 | 49 Replies

Is this a white Nokia N9? Or is that a case?

Reader, “D.” commented this in our last N9 post. The girl, if she looks familiar, is the one from Nokia Sweden’s page.

The white N9 had been spotted before, on launch day at the N9 design video. Back then it had side buttons in the arrangement that Sea-Ray has, with camera button to boot.

The white N9 was seen on the computer screen and next to the computer itself. Was this simply a case?


Here’s her youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/sanjasuzanna (via fanel)

Her Blog: http://blogg.aftonbladet.se/gastbloggen (via fanel)

(Apologies for the intermittent downtime. There’s a threshold every now and again that when crossed cuts out the site. As such, this post really should have been reserved for tomorrow, like the other posts already on schedule but I think this might just be OK. Any tips received may have been seen already and written up for tomorrow’s round of Nokia related posts. Thanks!)

Update: I thought it would be ok to leave it in comments but it keeps coming up. Yes it is N9.

  • She’s the girl from the N9 Sweden page
  • The image is mirrored (she’s taking a photo in a mirror), so if she’s pressing anything it would be volume keys
  • LED lights is on top. It’s on the side for sea-ray.

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  1. Weirdfisher says:

    Would that be just a white skin or case?

  2. nokiafansince2003 says:

    I think its not n9….it could be nokia 701

  3. DKINGH says:

    It’s a Nokia N9 for sure. Go to her blog and check the EXIF data of the pictures she took at that event.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Also, she’s the girl on the N9 sweden page. It would be a bit weird to give her Sea Ray.

      Other observations I should have added to the post:

      Flash is on top, Sea Ray is on the side.
      And no she’s not pressing on searay’s shutter button, the image is mirrored so she would be pressing on volume keys if anything. Her thumb is on the touch screen.

  4. John J says:

    That is just banging loking girl what i see…

  5. Anuj Karkare says:

    Dont u see she’s clicking a pic with a camera button – has to be sea ray!

    • Jay Montano says:

      That’s the mirror image. She’s not clicking on anything. If she was, that would be a volume button.

  6. Fanel says:

    To add on to the proof, if you go through her blog and translate it, she has a post in which she’s saying she’s the first person in Sweden with an N9. She also snapped a picture of a van with N9 promo pics on it and if you visit her YouTube channel, she’s interviewing the N9 designer.

  7. Aiknn says:

    Someone wrote to finnish forum that he saw that one passenger had a white n9 on a flight from Thailand.

  8. guest says:

    I’m pretty sure it’ll be available also in green and white. Same colors as the accessories: http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/accessories/headsets/stereo-bluetooth-headsets/nokia-bluetooth-stereo-headset-bh-111

  9. niko says:

    can i have the girl and n9 in special summer offer?

  10. mohammad says:

    wt about the self timer !!!

  11. #@! says:

    I hope it’s white N9,I like it

  12. stylinred says:

    I asked her on her blog if its a White N9 or if its simply a case

    and she replied saying


    Yes Its my Nokia N9, its fantastic.”

  13. Markk117 says:

    the white n9 is a preview platform, a blog in italy say: we can’t take a picture of the n9 white because is a preview edition and will never come to the consumer

  14. the game says:

    please use the damn google translate and wake up is Nokia N9 so just open your eyes the led flash o Sea Ray is in top of the camera and N9, flash is aside, of course when the devices is stand

  15. gen says:

    hi Jay. It could be just a case. There’s already case available for N9 in China and Hong Kong. You can get it right now on ebay. Its really cheap and really nice. There’s Currently lots of the S shaped cases going around. They look extremely nice and stylish.

  16. mickv says:

    where can i buy that white n9 case?

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