Motorola would like similar Nokia-Microsoft deal to go Windows Phone?

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Motorola who said no to Windows Phone because they were doing well with Android (and are exclusively Android) now are supposedly asking Microsoft for the same deal Nokia had with Microsoft for them to make a Windows Phone.

Sure thing Motorola. Because you have as much to offer as Nokia does. Motorola Maps, Motorola Distribution, Motorola Store, oh wait.

Fierce Wireless writes, “Motorola is interested in partnering with Microsoft if it could strike a deal similar to the one Microsoft recently inked with Nokia”

Moto’s CEO, Sanjay Jha says their focus today is Android (those xooms are flying off the shelves -_0) but they will evaluate WP to see if it becomes viable. What’s that, when HTC, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei eat all them lunches?

Jha later boasts again about their large IP portfolio (which would come in very useful to Google, or not if Moto decides to turn on fellow Android manufacturers).

Whilst Windows Phone would most welcome more manufacturers, I’m not sure Microsoft would need to extend motorola the same advantages as Nokia. What exactly are they bringing? Android exclusivity? Services? Maybe firearm in the IP wars?

It’s understandable that Motorola can’t afford to just go into the unknown Windows Phone world without at least some assurance from Microsoft of certain benefits, especially as they have been entrenched in the Android world (introducing and enlightening the world to the Droid branding). Thus, they are possibly wisely waiting until they are certain of the viability of the Windows Phone platform. Much better for Nokia too that there are less players to fight with whilst they’re re-aligning their brand with the Windows Phone experience.

FierceWireless via wmpoweruser

BTW, in related Windows Phone news, Windows Phone now has 7.1% market share in Germany, 2.1% in USA. Symbian is 0.6% in USA.

We should expect that with new generation devices, wider market place availability, more manufacturers with greater handset diversity, more languages, Windows Phone should start gaining ground. ( via mpoweruser – cheers Anastasios)

Right now that data suggests increasing market share in these areas for WP and decreasing for Symbian.


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