TabCo Event Registration – Now Open

| August 10, 2011 | 28 Replies

TabCo promised us a sneak peek of their UI earlier in the week. Luckily they did deliver.


Now we have news to bring you regarding their event on Monday 15th August. Registration has now opened. (It went live yesterday actually). It appears you simply fill out the form and TabCo will send you all the information. Will their event give many fans and skeptics that “Aha Moment”? Or will it be a “Haha Moment”?

To register, click here.



Once you register, you’ll get this message:

We can’t wait to show you the mystery behind TabCo! We will see you virtually on Monday, August 15 at 9 a.m. (PT).

The event will be held on our channel.

Until then, continue to ask yourself,
Who Is TabCo?


Tell Me More
785 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126


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  • Mac

    So Intel it is!

  • don forget other companies like acer,lg and manymore they were also after meego and the heat got more as n9 was announced.

  • dont go! meego!

    it is meego tablet, the best meego tablet

    the design looks nice, hope it is also homebuttonless,

    i will buy this if its price is cheaper than ipad, androidpad, tpuchpad!

    hope its size is less than 9″

  • Sun Down

    I’ll remain cynical.

  • 15th august 9am <- what country time?

    • T?

      PT = Pacific Time = (if I remember right GMT-7)

      • MoritzJT

        PT = pathetic time

  • Juventino

    In other news.. Sorry to have posted it here but it seems the guys @mynokiablog have not picked up yet

    No Nokia N9 in the UK….

    I was willing to pay the £500 to get one… as long it was supported for the UK..

    • N900

      I send it to you, if you pay for me. We are in EU so we can send stuff country to another country and warranty works in all countries.

    • James

      This is referring to carrier subsidization/availability.
      There’s been tons of anecdotal evidence to suggest retail availability.
      Carrier support’s always been under a cloud, so this is no surprise.

  • muhk21
    • MoritzJT

      Could be….

    • This DEFINITELY looks like TabCo. And has a lot of UI elements similar to what they are discussing. However, I don’t think it is only them. I think it could be a partnership with them and Nokia to bring this platform to the market.

      “An Aha! OS” = Else Ltd. is a LiMo Compliant – part of the grand movement to create a truly open source Linux mobile distribution.

      Folks, I think we might have something here 😉

      • James

        I don’t think it’s in partnership with Nok.
        Def. reckon it’s Else in partnership with a bigger player though.

      • OpenSource

        Else is licensing their samrtphone UI, named sPlay. Their own smartphone running Linux is dead. I don’t know if sPlay is working on tablets.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Though this too, but the wheel is still different. Then again they “reinvented the wheel”. We’ll just have to wait a week. After all this hype I think one week is not a lot to wait for.

  • sm

    Tabco’s domain is registered in Vancouver, Washington. Does anyone know of any technology firms there? Seems to me that given Elop’s Canadian heritage and Microsoft being in WA, they could’ve used that town as a subtle “clue”? Just a thought.

  • wes?


  • Zuckerberg

    AHA ! you will be taken by surprise that We are Tabco ! YAY

    • Zuckerberg

      What you know today is the tip of a iceberg
      -zuckerberg !

  • oho

    They’re Fusion Garage!

    • Viipottaja

      Yeah, I too am more and more convinced its them. In particular, ASSUMING IT IS TRUE, as someone said their latest YouTube video was briefly up with the description “Grid teaser” and then pulled and renamed when put up again.

    • T?

      Well if it turns out to be Fusion Garage I’m going to be really disappointed. I don’t believe in their chances to deliver anything good.

  • Tiamat

    I really have a feeling that it will just be a JooJoo 2 instead of a Nokia or Intel tablet.

  • kan

    August 15th is Indian Independence day. May be on Indian independence day , TAbCo want to free people from fruit slavery.

    • Mac

      Maybe they want to show that the fruit is nice on the outside, but on the inside it is wrotten and full with worms!