Screenshots! Ovi Store on MeeGo-Harmattan Nokia N950

| August 11, 2011 | 23 Replies

Yesterday afternoon, a few folks on my twitter feed were buzzing about getting Ovi Store onto their Nokia N950s.

Vikas Patidar tipped that @joaoluisc has tweeted a screenshot and said, “UI Smooth and awesome”.

  • Consistent with the Harmattan Theme
  • Note the toolbar at the bottom to quickly switch between views
  • Free and Paid Apps
Matija Mićin also mailed us that he’s also got Ovi Store up and running and has a collection of great looking screenshots to share.
This is the Ovi Store update. Note the update section in MeeGo Harmattan
Store is looking pretty.
App download page.

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  1. Adnan says:

    looks neat. Consistent with harmattan UI. I like it more than the current android market app

  2. Viipottaja says:

    Looks great. Any word on how many apps appear at this point? I hope there are at least a few hundred.. the selection on N900 is..well.. lacking, to put it mildly.

  3. dont go! meego! says:

    nokia icons is so ugly

  4. laalaa says:

    Does this suggest that the N9 is getting ready to be released?

  5. amoshydra says:

    lol.. They haven’t change it to Nokia store yet..

  6. genchigen says:

    Anyone know what the little red arrow next to the time is?

  7. Fanel says:

    Browsing through some of the other pics, I couldn’t help but notice this one:

    OpenOffice Writer ported to Meego? That would be a pretty powerful tool if done right but how would it work on the keyboardless N9?

    • James says:

      There’s some awesome little BT qwerty’s about.
      That are better than any built-in keyb’s IMO.
      Especially for serious typing….
      But no doubt the VKB will be further augmented to work nicely w/this.

  8. hotnikkelz says:


  9. Babis says:

    it looks nice
    i guess like the n900 will be only few apps for each section(utilities,games etc) unless you go at maemo org

    if we get the phone in countries where is not coming out …will be support the ovi store?
    here in UK i dont see yet the n9 in the UK ovi

  10. Mac says:

    Alot of the status bar icons are similar to what is on android. I said similar and not the exact same. If that is the case then it is the already downloaded stuff. The downloading stuff would look like the green download icon for updates on ovi store and in green colour on the status bar. I think! Could be wrong though!

  11. N00-00 says:

    Looks good… Can’t wait for my 64GB Black N9..

  12. ssdh says:

    I just love the look of the Nokia Pure font… It really suits the UI perfectly..

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