Confirmed: Nokia N9 with BT4.0 and FM Radio and Transmitter.

| August 16, 2011 | 28 Replies

Nokia on it’s comparison between N9 and N950 told us that the N9 had BT4.0. That of course was not consistent on their specs page which led to the likes of Eldar bashing the N9 for having only an old BT2.X (amongst other things like an ‘average’ screen, haha, average. Note anything Nokia and average must mean amazing by Eldar definition)


GSM Arena posted an article recently to confirm not only BT4.0 but also an FM radio and transmitter (picking up FM stations and allowing it to broadcast sound over FM).

The FM radio I think was also confirmed by devs, but they mentioned this was not enabled via software (it’s not uncommon for Nokia to put hardware that’s not enabled. e.g. FM Radio, NFC ). GSM Arena states that there is actually no antenna there anyway for the FM transmitter to work.  But the FM radio capability is still possible (via wired headset as antenna).

Sources: , , gsmarena.comnews-3002.php

Cheers Mac for the tip!


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  • Paul Grenfell

    So , with the headset plugged in, the FM transmitter should work?

    • Jay Montano

      FM Radio yes. Not sure about transmitter. That needs its own antenna (like in N8). I may be wrong.

      • glenn

        i read somewhere that even with headphones the ssignal wont be strong enough

        even though bluetooth sig says bt4 nokia service manual says bt 2.1 which is right

        • N00-00

          N9 has the hardware capable of BT 4.0 specification but the current implementation is for BT 2.1.

          And as far as I know, the FM Transmitter in N9 is fully capable, just lacking software like the N900 when it was released.

          • James

            That’s not what a Nokia dev. at said.
            He/she said RX (& RDS IIRC) is possible, becasue all the hardware’s there.
            But RX is not, because the antenna or antenna connection’s not there.

          • James

            Also jury’s still out on bt4.
            Someone found BT4 certification.
            which usually means it’s implemented.
            Look for dedicated thread on it

      • bert

        how’s this jay. headline says ‘Confirmed…’, but here you say ‘Not sure…, i may be wrong.’ ?

        • Jay Montano

          Apologies for any confusion.

          If you check again, the BT4.0 is confirmed, the FM Radio is confirmed and the FM transmitter chip is confirmed. However, the FM Transmitter apparently does NOT have an aerial and cannot be used. I said I am not sure because I am precisely not sure how that works and I may be wrong as I am only going on the confirmation of the dev comments and gsmarena.

    • outdated os

      On ancient burning nokias, fmtx will not work with the HS plugged in.

  • Keist

    How stupid of Nokia! And people still want to buy this phone when Nokia themselves want to get of rid of this like it’s some sort of trash in the company. Guys, save your hard-earned money for something more worth spending like an SGS2.

    • viasco

      seriously, you should look at your own picture :p

      • et3rnal

        lol true

        SGS1 and 2 are totally sh*t n waste of time looking for a good roms!

        over heating, gps dont lock, lagging bcoz of their shitty FS, battery draining!
        wt the hell is good about it? Amoled plus? wt a deal with all this probs.

        Im sooo regret coz i bought it, def going N9, the real Linux

        • Keist

          The N9 is already DOA. And even worse, there is no ecosystem for it nor will ever be. It is only meant to be a collector’s item. And FYI, Samsung already released an update for SGS2 addressing the overheating problem. And you can always underclock the CPU to save battery if you wish. It’s so easy. And who told you that SGS2 lags? It’s the fastest smartphone in the planet. Even heavy and complicated websites load less than 5 seconds on the built-in browser. Try to use an SGS2. You will never go back to Nokia again I swear.

          • my dear frnd ….i m using this ship galaxy s2 from last 1 month………..u r sayin it never lags……..nd overheat ……may be u never touch an android phone…….that is y u r sayin this……..
            my s2 hangs when i m using 2-3 apps like opera angry birds………and videos……….
            i never thought before buying this dual core sh**t……..that it will also hangs……….

            so next time whenever u praise these dual core sh*t plz try them least for 1 month so that u will not tolling here n there…….

    • JNYCE

      WOW, where to start… while the sgs2 is a great phone… at the end of the day its no more then a beefed up android…. Not sure if u have ever used Maemo, or linux or my favorite n900… it run circles around android… Can u download torrents? or anything from the web thats not in the app store… can u dual boot other OS ? cause my n900 and probably n9 will load ur android and run ur “ecosystem” … last time i checked does any other phone maker on the market offer an fm transmitter, infrared port, and audio/video out…. and I’m sorry thats just my n900 still… haven’t even touched the n9… so while your sgs2 looks good on paper… a wasted dual core that android can’t fully use yet and big screen still yawns to my 3 year old n900… shouldn’t even be mention compared to the future n9… WOW android sgs2… did u read about the n9 in one of ur many useless apps?

  • marc

    just went to gsm arena and saw they never said anything about bt4.0 and their specshee still says 2.1 so which isit? and ho much different will bt4.0 be

    • eze

      bt4.0 has a higher transmission speed than old bt2.x
      anyways, i think nokia does not want to give the full features of N9 cos they are scared people will like it and that will ruin wp7 nokia sale :p
      i dont see any other reason why nokia will be so vague about specs as this has never happened b4

      • Keist

        If Nokia sees this phone will be a threat to the sales of their crappy Windows Phone then why release this phone anyway? They could of cancelled it. It makes no sense.

        • ssdh

          Elop wants to make a point to those that oppose him internally and externally…

          • Viipottaja

            Ok, please elaborate? Allowing N9 to be released is some kind of a ingenious double smoke screen play, all ultimately just aimed at prepping Nokia for MS takeover?

            Damn, he is so sneaky.. but I guess the Devil always is.

            • JNYCE

              i hate elop, doing everything he can to sabotage the n9…
              n9 is officially announced/ flop leaks the sea ray.
              n9 is limited in countries/flop spends 100 mill on North america advertising for MS… and this is just a theory, but i find it weird the sea ray and n9 share the same body… to the average newbie, they will not understand two different OS and probably just think its all MS… so sad…

      • Viipottaja

        It has happened many times before.

    • James

      Check out….
      There’s some good threads there about current status of BT4.
      In short, it’s still a possibility but no-one knows for sure yet.

  • Old news, really old, not to be cocky or to brag but I knew and confirmed this right after the announcement of the N9.

    If you guys had bothered to read at Maemo you would have figured this out just days after and checked over at what accessories that is compatible with the N9 you will know a lot of them are made for 4.0 only devices.

    • Jay Montano

      Yes, that’s noted in the first sentence that Nokia already told us of BT4.0 🙂 The specs though said something else, leading to the likes of Eldar bashing it for only having BT2.0 (though never praising N8 for having 3.0 when it was rare to see, still right now)

    • James

      It wasn’t confirmed “days after the announcement” at
      And it’s still far from 100% certain, at least in time for the launch.

  • Bosh

    No software support for that features? And everyone saying that MeeGo-Harmattan was ready.

    That might be one of the reasons why MeeGo is not going to be Nokia’s high-end OS (the slow software development process)

    • James

      Well… I think they’re doing pretty damn well…

      Considering a large chunk of them were fired in Feb, & some of them left.
      And no they weren’t replaced.