Over 9 million daily downloads on Ovi Store (approx 3.29B/year rate)

| August 16, 2011 | 52 Replies

Holy Moose, this is quite a surprise. At least I did not expect this to happen so soon. I wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t coming from AllAboutSymbian.

It was only a few weeks ago that Ovi Store passed 7 million. That was just after passing a recent 6.5M milestone too. Actually the precise figure at the time was 7.62M, already close to 8.


AllAboutSymbian reports Ovi Store is now on 9M daily downloads! We said last time that should Ovi Store continue at that rate, it would reach over 3B/year rate. Now should it continue at 9M it would be doing 3.285B per year. Quite a steep growth rate.

Rafe has put together though a chart to give some perspective of what this looks like compared to the “other” app stores. With not even half of Android’s app list, Ovi Store folks already download half as much as Android folks.

Since June, Android Market downloads increased about 11%, App Store 8% and Ovi Store about 29%. BB increased about 3%.


Source: AllAboutSymbian

Thanks for the tip, fantom.


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  • DroidUser999

    Will OviStore become part of Nokia WP7 Phones. Nokia said early on, they had a deal with MS on owing their own App store. I am wondering if this Morphs into that later.

    • vPuik

      I think the Ovi or probably Nokia store will keep serving S40 phones. (rumor is they might get QT at some point)

    • jr

      Yes they will have their on appstore but its not going to be called OVI store

      • Guest

        No it will be called “Nokia store”.

  • Guest

    I’m impressed. I can only speak for myself and I have more apps installed in my Nokia than in my Android. I thank Nokia for the summer gifts 😉

  • Joe

    Always remember: Uncle Steve still thinks it’s a burning platform, so he’ll try to destroy it no matter how well it actually performs in real life.

    • Cloud


      Yeah, everytime I´m reading such blogs about Ovi-ecosystem doing rather fine I have to laugh:

      all that “burning platform” talk of Elop just shows up to be utter BS…

      • Jay Montano

        I wonder what precisely these folks are downloading. Would be interesting to know the breakdown.

        • Viipottaja

          This is for April, so may have changed somewhat, but gives a good idea.

        • Jesse

          Probably like Android, people are downloading task managers and launchers hoping they can make the phone they just bought work 😛

          • N00-00

            Atleast not farting apps.

            • Jay Montano

              No, our apps are worse than farting apps.

      • Bosh

        Well, IMHO Symbian sucks for touch phones (5530XM and N8 owner). I would have ditched Symbian just after getting the CEO role just as Elop did (except for the february 11th announcement, I would have announced that with Sea Ray in my hands)

        • Guest

          I love that I can do everything on the touch screen on my Symbian mobile. On my Android, I have to use analog “home” and “back” buttons at the bottom, it sucks completely. Andoid is not touch screen designed.

    • Viipottaja

      Oh I see, so that is why they are investing so much into S40 + Qt, launching another 10 models of Symbian and supporting it for years to come, and distributing developer phones for N9?

      Now it all makes sense! Thank you! He is the Devil indeed.

      • Jay Montano

        Oh yeah…the spike is not just Symbian apps, but S40 apps. No wonder all I can find are crappyapps.

        • napier

          What apps are you looking for? Just apps for apps sake, or do you have some particular, genuine need for an application?

    • James

      Sigh, sad but true…
      Such a viable platform already there.
      Just needed some more “spit & polish.”

      • Viipottaja

        Well, some are saying the Symbian foundations (haha) were getting very finicky/shaky/unstable too (and if anything, all the delays could indicate there is something to it). Just painting the trim wood (which they’ve now done with Belle), or spit and polish as you put it, may not have been enough.

        • James

          Oh I’m totally with you on Symbian…
          God knows how it’s department kept managing to argue for the priority/focus for so long.

          MeeGo didn’t finally get the main priority/focus until approx. Q4_09/Q1_10!

          Which is vastly too late for an OS that was deemed to be the successor, to a platform that was decided 4ys previously, as deprecated LT.

  • Mac

    It is Elop i tell you! It is Elop! He is paying people to download from ovi! That is why nokia cant make profits! 🙂

  • Vikas Patidar

    Nokia is burning at fucking rate.

  • Jay Montano

    Imagine how much more downloads Ovi Store would have if it actually had good apps in the store. This is what it can do with a plethora of crappy apps and a few gems. (I search Ovi Store daily and find next to nothing interesting). I think in next Qt revision with improved Qt apps and more standardized Qt UI for these apps, quality will vastly improve.

    • James

      Yeah Qt is the key…
      You’re right I think overall quality will get better.
      Shame they didn’t get their shit together with it many years earlier.

    • Guest

      Then you must have missed the Opera browser and Gamelofts games. Strange that a person who operates a Nokia site that does not detect those apps. Maybe you should write about Microsoft instead?

      • Jay Montano

        You’re seriously listing Opera and gameloft games as evidence of good apps on Symbian?

        Whilst they are admittedly great, they are a rarity. Most people already have Opera mobile/mini and have all the gameloft games already. But the quality of apps in general are pretty poor. It’s getting better with newer apps, but the majority is just not good quality.

        Why have a go at me for my opinion on Symbian apps and suggest instead that I write about Microsoft? 🙂 Is that actually addressing the situation that currently there aren’t that many good apps on Symbian? I want Symbian to get better. Newer Apps on Symbian are starting to look better.

        • Guest

          Yes they are examples of good apps and certainly contributes a lot to those nine million downloads, which this article is about.

          When I visit a fansite, there is not complaint on the product from the operator of the site the first thing I want.

          It is not the first time you complain about Symbian. However, I have never seen you complain about Windows Phone7, how is the application range there. Is it perfect?

          You do of course as you want, but that was my own opinion.

          • Jay Montano

            Of course it is not the first time I complain about Symbian. I’ve ALWAYS been complaining about Symbian. Because I wanted to see it get better and felt there were certain things it could improve. I have ALWAYS ranted on Symbian. AND Maemo too. (We have many posts where writers and readers contribute on ideas/suggestions, pointing out bugs and possible new features). You seem to be suggesting that I am just complaining about Symbian because I like Windows Phone. NO.

            Complaints about Windows Phone – we have plenty too. Andre posted up about Mango opinions and points out the things he wants improved. In Ricky’s WP opinions post, we shared what he disliked about WP. Other pro wP places that reported that story skimmed over the negatives on Windows Phone. I am always saying/agreeing that it has limitations that Symbian fans can’t accept and thus it isn’t for them. Am I calling WP the best thing ever and everyone should have it? No.

            I would have to say, there are many comments and many posts, so it is understandable if you don’t see such things.

            BTW, you open up the topic on WP apps. Is application range perfect? Of course not. It’s not even 1 year old yet.

            However, it is quite good. I do like how WP apps work. Their store has a good proportion of decent apps. I’ve got 160 installed on mine and running out of space. Every time I browse there (like when I browse App Store) there’s something cool to try out. (For some that’s important, for others, that means nothing – like they’d probably only ever use that app once).

            You’ll note though that we showcase Symbian apps, Maemo apps, MeeGo apps but NEVER WP apps. That’s more a personal decision not wanting to be doing reviews on a Samsung. I want to build up a library for Nokia users on NWP. Like we are doing with Symbian, what we did with Maemo and what we are/will be doing with MeeGo.

            When the first Nokia Windows Phone is out you will see much more rants in the way of Windows Phone from me.

            • Ronnie Raygun

              “I’ve got 160 installed on mine and running out of space.”

              How’s that even possible? Are every individual apps 100 MBs in size or what? If not then where on earth does it install them? If WP7 can’t handle more apps than that then there’s a another huge problem with that OS.

              I’ve got approx. 200 apps on my N8 and there’s still many GBs room left. I’m nowhere near the limit. And I can manage them very well thanks to folders. 🙂 Never understood why some people dislike folders and why WP7 don’t have them.

              • Just Visiting

                @Ronnie Raygun…Jay has a Samsung Omnia which sports 8GB of storage, and that model does not have expandable memory. What’s interesting is that he doesn’t want to ‘uninstall’ any of the 160 that he does have, and it sounds like there are even more that he wants!

                Well, there are 27,501 apps currently available for WP7 and the platform is only 10 months old! Jay’s going to have to get a different WP device with more storage – Microsoft has opened up an additional 1500 API’s for Mango; there are going to be thousands more apps to chose from 🙂

                • Ronnie Raygun

                  So the apps are about 50 MB a piece?! That’s just wasting space. Insane. Installing must also take time.

                  WP7 has it’s share of “fake” apps from what I’ve heard so I wonder how much real apps there are.

                  If apps were most important for me, I would go with iPhone. App Store is in an other planet compared to WP7. Plus iOS a better OS. But I like OS’s like Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo that give me freedom, so I’m not getting an iPhone. Even less I want WP7 that’s so much behind other OS’s and looks ugly with its boxes and huge texts. N9 is my next phone. It’s the best there is IMO. Beautiful design with the best UI and OS that gives me the freedom I want. After that another MeeGo or Symbian if Nokia still makes them. If not, then I’m leaving Nokia and going to Android most likely.

                  • Webby

                    I dunno, maybe he has something other than apps stored on the phone.

                    I heard you can even put things like music and videos on your phone now.

                    Radical thinking by the boys at Microsoft.

              • Jay Montano

                Yes, these guys have answered pretty much your questions for me.

                Running out of space due to physical limitation with this phone having too much photos/videos/music.
                Some apps are quite large, others mostly small. WP has memory management so if you wanted it can ‘partition’ so to speak space for you so you would have less/more memory for apps/media and such.

                I also had lots of apps on my N8. Maybe about 130. Unfortunately, if you have a huge folder, it takes too long to open. I spaced out my phone JUST so it would be quicker to use BUT over time it gets clogged and it slows down the more media and apps you have. I found it a strange experience that my Windows Phone is still as snappy as the day I got it. Actually no that’s a lie, it received a NoDo update and got quicker. But still, before that, I had about 80 apps and performance hits were zero.

                The bigger apps tend to be games. Fortunately they are stored in their own games hub automatically.

                TL:DR – number of apps installed is dictated by available memory. As far as I know, this has no effect on performance UNLIKE SYMBIAN.

                • Jesse

                  Have you used Mango yet Jay? It is even faster! Crazy how my phone just keeps getting faster and faster over time, especially considering how fast this OS was to begin with!

      • jims

        he said a few gems you mug

        • Guest

          How many do you want, I have thirty of them in my mobile. I’m not counting summer gift, they can count, too.

          What I lack is an app to my bank and some other local apps.

    • stylinred

      Imagine if Elop didn’t scare away developers. what kind of apps would we have now?

      Imagine if many prospective Symbian owners weren’t scared away either. what kind of daily downloads would Ovi be at now.

      • Hypnopottamus

        The same. Elop didn’t kill development for Symbian, Symbian did. Other then users/fans, not a whole lot of people are even thinking about Symbian as a platform to develop for.

        • James

          There’s no way one could argue that what’s been done in the past 6mth+, hasn’t had an impact.
          You’d have to be “sticking your head in the sand” to say otherwise.

  • mango

    WP7 download doesn’t even show in the graph. Another haha moment for Tomi Ahonen.

    • Jay Montano

      Nor does Bada, WebOS 🙂 Graph was selective for these four main stores. Just like how pretty much every mobile OS comparison chart never lists Symbian as if it doesn’t exist.

      • Ronnie Raygun

        But Ovi was supposed to be this horribly bad burning platform and MS the saviour. WP Marketplace should be way bigger than Ovi. Somewhere around Android Market.

    • jr

      you really wanna compare more than six year old Symbian to wp7 which less than a year old.. poor you

      • Guest

        It was difficult to download anything from OVI store before it existed.

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  • BrownN9cover

    Symbian killed far too soon

    Throw EFLOP in jail.

    • Jay Montano

      S40 apps.

  • cipox

    what they need was locally apps, if one country could have 1000 for each ovi store service , it would become huge number + rich of flavour apps in total,

  • Guest

    BTW NEWS! Nokia updated OVI store to day v2.12.043 is now latest!

  • Just Visiting

    Wow! That is a lot of downloads. I’ve had my N8 for 3 months, scoured the entire store, and the only apps I’ve downloaded are free, totalling only 20 apps (18 of which are games, 10 of which I am about to ‘uninstall’). There are just not any apps that are worth my money.

    Where’s the Kindle app? Where’s Netflix? (And substitutes are not acceptable)

  • outdated os

    remove regional restriction and fix the pricing (usually based on developed nations).

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