Save the Dates: Nokia Windows Phone Training – could there be NWP handsets for developers by Sept 21?

| August 25, 2011 | 31 Replies

Here’s an email sent out to Nokia’s developer mailing list (forwarded to us by Thomas and Alexis).

Now the earliest date is September 21st. This isn’t just working with any Windows Phones. It’s Nokia Windows Phones.  Would these developers require an actual Nokia Windows Phone to work on? The earliest date is September 23 2011.

Nokia is teaming with Microsoft to show you the latest easy-to-use tools for Metro UI creation, Silverlight app development, and compelling gameplay with XNA Game Studio. Find out how you can get started developing for Nokia with Windows Phone, and see how simple it is to develop applications and games for this platform in just one day.

Training sessions will be held across Europe as well as one in Silicon Valley. Locations include:


There’s a link to a page where it says:

Find out why developers like coding for the Windows Phone platform. Get the inside scoop on how easy the tools are to use, the power of Silverlight for UI creation and the ease of creating compelling gameplay with XNA Game Studio. Learn how you can get started developing for Nokia with Windows Phone, and see how simple it is to develop applications and games for this platform in just one day.

We’ll show you how to take your ideas and get them running on the phone, how to use the Windows Phone platform resources in your games and applications, and how to get your content in the marketplace where it belongs, making money for you.

Then we’ll show you how to build programs, how to design user interfaces in Silverlight, give you a taste of game development in XNA Game Studio, and how to write and sell your first Windows Phone app.

Bring an open mind, and we’ll fill it up to the brim with Windows Phone know-how





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  • I guess it might be possible, but I’d also imagine that they would probably use a phone UI emulator on a computer to do the bulk of testing?

  • Cod3rror

    Who cares about this crap?

    Steve Jobs stepped down! 🙁

    • Eric Johnson

      Thanks to yo trolling XP

    • XFCE-Desktop

      RIP Apple overinflated stock!

    • Lloydo

      I think Steve quit just after he saw the Symbian Belle release, knowing that Apple could never compete! :p

    • LOL

      because Steve knew deep in his soul that its game over for Apple due to Symbian Belle.

    • honest

      Is there anything in this post related to Steve Jobs?
      Stop trolling, please give Mr Steve a rest!

  • Jesse

    Good question, they are really keeping the WP7 stuff under wraps well. I am impressed

    • XFCE-Desktop

      I think it’s mostly because it’s not being built by Nokia but by a contractor in Taiwan. The design is also not even being done in Finland as it normally is but in California.

    • Guerrahp

      I think the level of interest is not really there. If the product is that interesting and being made by a contractor, bits and pieces would have been leaked already.

      • jr

        Or they did a good job of keeping it under the wraps

    • honest

      I hope we are not going to see sea ray only. I have lost interest in it because it is leaked. Wish to see a new nokia wp7 with different design.

      • Sam

        Well, it doesn’t seem to be Sea Ray in that header image, so you might get your wish. If they’re set to have a WP7 device or two out by the above dates, then shouldn’t we have seen an announcement by now? Perhaps we will at IFA?

  • stylinred

    Not related to this story but i just had to share it somewhere

    I just got banned from Engadget for noting their Bias towards Apple

    as they closed the commenting section on the stories regarding Steven Jobs (and when they reopened them they were deleting everyones messages who were posting “hate comments”)

    I noted that these actions show & confirm a bias and Boom got banned rofl

    • XFCE-Desktop

      Dude, I don’t go there anymore. I’ve been banned around 27 times in total over the last 4 years for pointing out their bias against Nokia. Take a ticket and join the club!

      • guest

        What bias? If Nokia sucks, take it like a man. N9 review was very positive however, because it’s actually good.

    • jr

      Good they booted you out… Why can’t you say all what you wanna say without all the hate an drama?

      • stylinred

        what? No i wasnt one of those spewing hate n drama that’s exactly my point the ones that were doing that simply had their posts deleted. I on the other hand simply stated, word for word, that their “actions are confirming the suspicions/accusations people had of them being biased towards apple.”

  • i love steven job’ company

    windows phone from nokia will be dead because of ios/appstore and apple great designers team! the faster nokia makes windows phone the faster they dig the grave

  • Bosh

    Leaving the fanboyism aside, I have to admit that Microsoft is doing an giant effort towards the third ecosystem.

    The developers like this kind of things, this makes you feel that you are important to the company (even on a shallow way).

    IMHO, a great move by Microsoft and Nokia.

  • Calvin H

    Great release the WP7/Nokia phone so it can fail faster and we can go back to Meego Harmattan! Where the hell is my N9!

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      Why would it fail?!!! WTF

      • i.e.

        Because no one wants a Windows Phone?

        Ok, you do. Millions don’t. Windows Phone is as good as gone, and alongside with it goes Nokia, should they not leave the burning platform that is Windows Phone.

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

          How can u speak for millions of people? Grow up

          • Bosh


            People here think that their opinion is the same as all the market.

            Just like when kids think that no one can see them because they (the kids) have their eyes closed.

  • Saul

    Nice to see Nokia giving the same treatment to WP dev that it gave to MeeGo dev, NOT!!!!

    Gahhhh!!!! FU Nokia!!!!!!!

    • Saul

      I meant the lead-up to MeeGo announce (& subsequently) had nowhere near the same degree of dev fluffing/fostering.

    • Bosh

      Why would they give the same treatment to an announced not supported platform?

    • Just Visiting

      @Saul…Well……This is a JOINT effort by Microsoft and Nokia. No need to bash Nokia.

      Microsoft is a very ‘developer-centric’ company, and from the very beginning of this partnership, Microsoft has been reaching out to Nokia developers with offering free phones, tools, and training. And if the Steve Ballmer mantra ‘Developers, Developers, Developers’ or the recent offer by Brandon Watson to webOS developers doesn’t convince you of Microsoft’s committment to developers, I guess nothing will.

  • Sam

    Alright, excuse my n00bness, but does this mean Nokia may release WP handsets to the public by the dates listed, or just offer some to developers?

    • Sam

      Possibly announced at IFA with a release around the dates posted in this article?