Themes: Metro Minimal available at Ovi Store

| August 26, 2011 | 32 Replies

We rarely cover themes here but looking around the N8 related groups, it’s something N8 (and Symbian users) in general still really like.

Yesterday, a symbian themer named Glenn emailed to tell us about his themes on Ovi Store. We’d like to start show casing some themes and we’ll begin with his work called Metro Minimal. It’s a simple, clean minimalistic theme, and very helpful on battery life for AMOLED screens.

This WP inspired theme looks great, very consistent theme, eye catching icons and no odd contrasts that makes lettering hard to see in places.

Free version

Premium Version

If you’re a theme maker, don’t hesitate to recommend your themes to us. Or if you’re just a regular user and have found a cool theme you’d like to tell us about, we’d love to share it with our readers too.








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  • MoritzJT

    Want really nice themes? Check here:

    And here:

  • i.e.

    Less ugly than the tiles. Perhaps Microsoft should take heed?

    • Bosh

      The thing is that Microsoft is trying to differentiate WP7 from the usual grid layout.

      I know… A lot of people don’t like tiles, but the whole idea of WP7 is to not be just another iPhone like grided OS.

      • Mazze

        I don’t like tiles!

        • jr

          Anyone with who can love the Ugly Symbian UI can’t certainly have any love for metro’s minimalistic design..

          • zzxx

            symbian honescreen is not uglt

            • jr

              says who.. a nokia fanboy?

      • jr

        Don’t get it confused.. Only Nokia fans don’t like tiles. They seem pretty much fixated on their ugly UI..

        • i.e.

          And everybody else is falling for them? As the sales prove?


          No. “No,” says me, and “no” says millions of people around the world. Windows Phone is as good as gone.

          • Jay Montano

            The sales of Windows Phone is not indicative at all of the usability of the Windows Phone OS. There are other features that hamper it but it’s actually not the UI itself.

            Folks often use this as cheap ammunition “oh windows phone hasn’t sol, it’s UI sucks”. This false premise is either done purposely or out of naivety.

            There are plenty of other legitimate things to criticise Windows Phone on that would attribute to poor sales:

            1) Poor language support in WP
            2) Poor Market Place availability
            3) Old hardware, limited differentiation, no new phones
            4) Lack of apps relative to iOS/Android
            5) Easier for sales folk to promote iPhones and Droid handsets
            6) Strong Android portfolio at nearly all levels
            7) Lack of Windows Phone at various price points
            8 ) New-ness of Windows Phone – no one knows what this is.

            • Bosh

              Thanks for saving me to answe this! 🙂

        • i

          And by the way, to whom do you think Nokia is going to sell Windows Phone handsets? If it’s like you say, and “Nokia fans” don’t like the Windows Phone UI.

          Of course, things aren’t as black and white outside the fan community of Windows Phone, but generally in the last few years Nokia’s customer base has transformed more and more to just the Nokia fans. The rest have bought handsets with more polished operating systems.

          But your comment had a seed of truth in it. Nokia sales have been imploding all year this year, after the Elop effect, because “Nokia fans” are not interested in the lineup Nokia’s about to abandon, and they’re sure as hell not interested in the upcoming feature phone lineup, either.

          Nokia won’t save Windows Phone. The silver bullet for Windows Phone’s problems is the one that pierces the heart and finally puts the retarded dog of the business (i.e. Microsoft in Mobile) to sleep.

  • Just Visiting

    Nice! I think this is just what my N8 needs, and it should hold me over until I get a Nokia WP device.

    Thanks for showcasing this one, Jay.

  • hackednokia

    This is the best Windows Phone 7 Theme:

    The theme has nice effects and many 3rd Party Icons

    fsx is one of the best theme maker

    • Guerrahp

      Are you effin kidding me!?!? That was a joke… right?

      • fred


  • Cod3rror

    Looks nice on pictures but need video to decide whether I like it.

    • hgjghdfdfgdtsgd

      Thank You Master for Your words! We are waiting for Your opinion. Whole world is waiting! Please find yourself five minutes to write a review of this new theme for us! Please! Please!

  • Great theme.Well don.Check out my themes at

  • stylinred

    I like IND190 themes his Icon set is better than Anna/Belles but maintains the same style

    and SPB Ultimate Shell 4.0 looks awesome

    • stylinred

      there are other customizations that you can do like having your icons @ a 5x? or 6x? Grid

      which could fit in quite well if you wanted the N9 look

  • Keist

    Meego Maximo/Mino also by novag is the best theme ever.

  • jr

    Can’t paint a pig to make it look good.. Symbian is still ugly.. let it die a slow tortuous death.. Not even slick looking metro UI can save it

  • JD!

    Just a few basic questions:

    I need to know what exactly is Metro UI?

    And how do you say that it is not ugly?

  • I like the keypad. That’s it.

    • Mazze


  • Salman

    I downloaded the free one, liked it then decided to buy the plus version. The main menu is similar, but you get 3rd party icons for the paid theme. The core of the theme remains the same for the free version though, which is really amazing. I really recommend this theme, simply one of the best I’ve tried and going to be my theme for a long time.
    Thanks Jay!

  • Ninja

    Has ANYONE got the ORIGINAL N8 blue theme with the (semi?)transparent buttons from the pre-Anna S^3, as with Anna all the themes are ‘Midnight’ based and now all the buttons on the homescreen are black not see through 🙁

    And yes, I’ve googled and can’t find a genuine original N8 blue theme, just imitations for S60 5th.

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  • XtiaN8

    Has anyone have any issues with this theme slowing down or messing up their Nokia N8? I deleted the theme and two other apps and my Nokia N8 started working perfectly.