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| August 27, 2011 | 23 Replies

Oh hey, Ed who wrote on Nokia Mobile Blog is back. Make sure you guys add him on your RSS if you haven’t already got it. Ed also writes about Nokia news, but he provides much great original content too.

Check out his recent unboxing of the Nokia N950. He’s even got a new post on how to install .deb files onto MeeGo-Harmattan (N9)

Ed disappeared as he just got too disappointed with Nokia, but he’s loving the new come back they’re making. He tweeted:

“hahah, MeeGo, Windows Phone, USA take-over, it’s too much fun to ignore… Thanks Jay!”

Yay! We’ve posted before about some of the older Nokia blogs disappearing, a few being Symbian-Guru, Nokia-Experts and WorldOfNokia. Nokia Mobile Blog was one in that list, but Ed’s coming back 🙂

Check out Ed’s post explaining his return here.

When Ed left the Nokia scene, he moved to some little green robots. But what brought him back may surprise some – it’s Windows Phone (as well as MeeGo of course). Ed liked WP so much he’s not got one WP phone, but two. For Ed,

“There is nothing more easy, intuitive, fast, and fun in the industry than Windows Phone.”

You might of course disagree, and that’s OK. Ricky Cadden of Symbian Guru thinks Windows Phone is ‘Freaking Gorgeous’. Matthew Miller, who sadly left Nokia Experts, also loves WP and uses that as a main phone. As a Nokia fan, I hope this is somewhat indicative of the positive experience the general consumer could feel when they give Nokia Windows Phone a try.

Salutes too to all the Nokia related blogs out there. Though the English written Nokia blogs have lessened, the non-english Nokia related blogs have actually increased. We need as many Nokia blogs as we can get to spread news. (Even you, guy that keeps nicking stuff from here and ZOMGitsCJ! You know who you are. 🙂 haha. It’s funny you have script that prevents copying your stuff. What a cheek. Don’t worry, we’ll still link you.).

BTW, Nokia Mobile Blog has a Spanish equivalent that I think did continue whilst NMB did not.


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