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| September 10, 2011 | 35 Replies

Nowadays, you can’t go anywhere or watch anything on TV, without being bombarded with Apple’s propaganda. It is spread pretty much everywhere, but I used to think that there were some places that were to remain untainted.

Nokia related websites/services, were part of that world that enabled us to get rid of all that.
It seems that even that is over now…

I was extremely surprised when I realized that Apple’s marketing had now reached my Ovi email account.

You might say: “that is just an advert for a laptop, no harm is being made to the Nokia brand”, but the fact is that when you are trying to push your brand back to the top (where it must certainly belongs), you have to protect it and you can’t give the competition room to use your own space against you!

Shouldn’t these spaces be protected from this kind of exposure to the competitor brands?

Where should the line be drawn?

PS: with this post, even I am drawing attention to them. Damn..! ;P


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