SkyDrive to come with Unlimited storage for Photos and Documents

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Do you use cloud storage? Just thinking about it as your files not on your computer, there are many out there, from folks using their email accounts to store files, video/photo sites like youtube/flickr, and dedicated all file types like, DropBox and SkyDrive.

For free accounts, latter gives the most free right now. 5GB for, 2GB for Drop Box and 25GB for SkyDrive. SkyDrive being Microsoft’s offering will eventually become key for a great proportion of Nokia fans using this service, on Windows Phones, Windows PCs, tablets, an even Symbian devices when Belle clocks in with Microsoft Apps. WMPoweruser says MS is trying to push this for iOS and Android users too.

Something getting even better with SkyDrive is that you somehow get UNLIMITED storage now for your photos and documents. The other 25GB is for everything else. That’s pretty nifty.

  • Unlimited storage space for all Office documents
  • Unlimited storage space for all photos
  • 25 GB of free storage for everything else

Let’s take a look at that SkyDrive Photo and Document Sync.

In terms of unlimited photo storage, I’m not sure if this is for any photo or web sized photos that you can automatically upload from your Windows Phone after taking a picture. If it’s any photo, then that’s amazing. Photos can easily take up tons of memory.

In terms of document formats, PDF would be nice. I have some long 1000+ page PDF docs that would be nice to have backed up there and it not eating into  the 25GB.

If it all works, it’ll be seamless file transitions between all your devices – one aspect of the new ecosystem (which isn’t just a synonym for apps).

BTW, If you’re worried about having yet another email login detail or a live account, you don’t need additional ones. I’m signed in with my gmail account. (It gives the options to receive gmail emails too if you want, I said no). The only thing extra I’d want right now is improved browser interface. I want simple drag and drop (e.g. via WMPoweruser



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